Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 measures Gin, 1 measure [chat]

Vesper Martini Recipe
WTF is "lillet"?

Quantum of Solace is better than most people think.

Friday, April 17, 2009

WoW 3.1: How to hate Demo / Destro Warlocks

So WoW patch 3.1 was released on tuesday and i've been seeking out new content. This evening I did the 10-person version of the new Vault boss, Emalon. I was in a pug with 6 guildies and 4 other people. I noticed that there was another warlock in the group but did not think much of it until I checked his spec and saw that he was using the new demo / destro hybrid build. It's a fine build, but for some reason he was not sending his felguard in to damage the boss. When I asked him why he said, "Because my felguard might die."

That, my friends, is the moment at which the gin kicked in.

I proceeded, in both /raid and tells, to yell at him, mock him, question his intelligence, suggest that he had an imappropriate relationship with his mother, and in-so-many-words belittle him to the point of tears. After about 2 minutes of this he dropped group, we recruited a rogue, we killed the boss, and I received a nifty new pvp belt.

So this is the lesson I learned: If you see a warlock being a FUCKHEAD you need to, at all costs, rage at the player to the point where they drop group and cry. Because then you get a belt.

But you may ask why one would want to be mean to demo / destro warlocks (other than to get a belt), why they would merit scorn and mockery. Here's your answer: WoW Patch 3.1 broke Affliction Spec.

Pre 3.1 Affliction warlocks had to rotate Haunt, UA, Immo, Corr, SL, and CoA; affliction warlocks had to maintain and rotate 6 damage over time spells. This was a fun thing to do. In 3.1 Affliction warlocks have only Haunt, UA, Corr, and CoA. We went from 6 spells to 4; this sucks. The spirit of the spec is gone.

So what does this have to do with the fuckhead?

Well, as I understand it, every fuckhead who you now see playing demo / destro hybrid was one of the junvenile motherfuckers on the Blizzard forums qqing that maintaining 6 spells was "qq too hard qq". It is their fault that affliction sucks now. So the only reasonable reaction to this is to be mean, very mean, incredibly mean to these shitheads. Because they broke our class.

And if we can get them to uninstall then Blizzard will fix affliction. And even if Blizzard does not fix affliction at least you've been mean to a stupid person. And that, truly, is a reward in itself.

Half-Blood Prince: Trailer 3


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabagging: Sucking Testicles for Lower Taxes

So the Huffington Post has managed to forge something of a nexus of teabagging which provides up-to-the-minute scrotum-sucking updates on today's teabagging protests. It serves as a delightful chronicling of today's activities which are, themselves, basically a montage of the high points of the last election cycle, the republican national convention, and a gay pride parade / episode of Oz which is meticulously crafted to the height of absurdity.

In addition, is celebrating a week-long Mr. T themed "pity the fool" celebration of all things teabagging. Which I think gives the protest the respect it deserves.

What I'm trying to figure out as I sit here not doing work is what I'm supposed to think of this. Individuals within the 95% of citizens who have received a tax cut are protesting the unfair taxation they've received under the Obama administration. After one laughs one's balls off...what does one do? Ought I pity the fools?

If we're going by the facts then the protestors are incorrect. Perhaps they are mistaken and are simply reacting to what they have been told by Fox News...but oughtn't I expect individuals in their mid 50s to be literate and inquisitive? Presumably they would, at the very least, utilize multiple news outlets rather than simply barking to Glenn Beck's whistle. But is that asking too much?

Sure, it's funny. Yes, I enjoy making scrotum jokes. And I do take a bit of delight in knowing that, somewhere, there is a dump truck full of teabags driving around D.C. as a result of the protestors not filling out the correct forms required to dump teabags on a tarp in a park...but...isn't it problematic that there are some who are not laughing at this?

At this moment there are individuals who take these protests seriously. That seems problematic.

These are the people:

Bacon. Torch.

I now want to do this :

A bacon powered Thermal Lance.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cat Shit One: Surreal

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