Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jolly on the Rocks

So I'm editing my post!!! oops on the posting a blank!

I was posting to let everyone no that Jolly is transitioning from the no-longer exciting world of geology *boo dirt* to that of being a bartender *Horray Beer!* . I am taking classes here in Nashville and getting to learn all sort of neat drinks and shots. It's really kind of fun. It's fast paced and not so tedious at looking at soil cores over and over! I will complete my 40-hours or class in the next couple weeks! Then hopefully I will graduate and move into the exciting world of getting people tipsy. I'm also looking at moving from Tennessee back up North in this mystical quest of mine. I'm looking at Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati as my places of choice. So any suggestions on good areas to live that aren't overly expensive would be great! Plus if you are looking for a good stiff drink...I'm now the man to see!

Marry Our Daughter .com

There's a $4,000 one.

[chat] would like to eat your brains

Yesterday I came across a video of Jonathan Coulton singing his wonderful song "re: Your Brains" at PAX its a really great video, but the audio sort of sucks, so I'm just going to post the link. In its place i bring you a much cleaner version.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Jack Thompson supoenas George W. Bush.

Jack Thompson is an idiot. But this one made me lol:

"Jack Thompson has filed documents with a federal court in Florida requesting to subpoena President George W. Bush for a deposition to retain Thompson’s license to practice law."

Metroid Prime 3

I may not have yet finished playing Metroid Prime 3, and I may be talking to people who may never even begin to play it, but I won't let trivial matters like those get in my way of bullet-point reviewing it.

1) There is more talking in the first five minutes of MP3 than in the entirety of every other Metroid game combined, and these people need to shut up.

I may be wrong about that, as my memory of MP2 is hazy at best, but usually Metroid is a readin' game. Not that I oppose automatically to voicing games that used to be silent, but when people talk, that means there are PEOPLE (plural), as opposed to, say, ONE PERSON (the player). And again, I don't hate it just because it's different, but because it is a waste of time and it goes against the whole solitary nature of the series to date.

2) I am happy to aim my gun with the Wiimote, but don't make me push and pull and twist the damn thing just to open a door.

This refusal to make a Wii game that doesn't have at least 10 retardedly useless wiimote commands thing needs to pass along. This is especially true in cases where I need to make a motion that prevents my death, and the hardware does not agree with the motion I am making.

3) Everything else is pretty great.

Shooting aliens, reading stuff, it's all here.

I give Metroid Prime 3 one jelly sandwich out of a possible thermostat.

Apple is the new Microsoft?

This article by Mike Elgan discusses the ways in which Apple has become the New Microsoft. While it does have some retarded in it (It's a PC World article, after all) I think it does offer some good comparisons of the two companies and show that in many ways the latte drinking fuckwits who tout Apple's inherent superiority need to look in a mirror circa the mid 1990s and realize that the things for which they faulted Microsoft are now an aspect of their beloved Apple. Here are some examples from the article:

Today: You want an iPod, an iPhone? Get ready to install iTunes.

Today: "The LG KE850 was winning awards for its full-screen, touch-screen, on-screen keyboard before Jobs even announced the iPhone."

WiFi: The Zune had WiFi before the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Today: 1/3 of all music sales are now digital (iTunes). Also, companies are beginning to offer Linux desktop PCs while that whole NBC / Apple fallout was the result of Jobs not allowing flexibility.

The article is good read if you've nothing better to do, and I thought it provided enough evidence to support a few flame wars.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Petit Eva Super-Deformed Series to Be Made into Video

Official Site


Caleb and Andrew Live Here

Place for Livin'!
Foods with a view!
Calebs with the cookin'!
Place for God, Time, and Sit!
All of existance!

Andrew's Room!
Caleb's Room!
Hall of Doom!
Patiotic Zombie greets you at the Bathroom!
Fireplace and Corner!

That's quite white of you.

Steve Jobs is so nice:
Responding to a backlash from angry consumers, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced on Thursday that Apple will issue a $100 in-store credit to all iPhone users who paid full price for the product.

Apparently he didn't need that money.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

During my lunch break I was watching Nick Jr. and saw a show entitled Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! The episode I saw featured a rabbit and an animate rectangle explaining to a squirrel how to be cool. They dressed him like a pimp, but his pimpish threads caused him to be uncomfortable. They then taught him how to dance a wub wub dance, but he found this to be difficult. When they all went to the big dance party the squirrel tried to be cool by doing what they told him to do, but it didn't work. So he left, sad and ashamed, presumably to go hang himself from his squirrel tree. When he left, though, a series of events led those at the party to require someone "really, really smart" and there were none there smart enough. It was at this time that the rabbit and animate rectangle remembered the squirrel, so they summoned him and he showed that he was, indeed, smart enough. This led everyone to realize that he was cool despite his lack of pimp clothing and his inability to dance.

The show has a wubblog which is delightful.

The show also has a wubbcast:

Here is a video of the show featuring little purple/pink penguins and hats.

No, it's not.

So, I watched the Republican Debate last night on Fox News, because I hate myself. And even though there were plenty of delightful moments, like when Ron Paul almost killed someone, one stands out in my mind. I know I didn't imagine it, because I found three (1 2 3) sources which also saw this happen.

From Senator Brownback:
"I think that's what you have to do in looking at the reality. And the next president needs to come in and know foreign policy and not learn it on the job. This is something we need to know going in. The world is flat. I ought to know that. Being from Kansas, I understand flat."

You don't need to know the context for that, by the way. Because when a Republican Presidential Candidate says "The World Is Flat" he's* not speaking metaphorically. And even if he thinks he is speaking metaphorically, he's not. Once a person reads Genesis and thinks it is literally true they forfeit the right to ever construe anything as a metaphor**.

I think that's the crazy of the Republican Presidential Candidates. If you overlook the fearmongering and the greed, the intolerance and the bigotry, the most significant problem is that they don't base their understanding of reality on reality. They think they are living somewhere other than Earth. They think Guantanamo is a resort. They think that we need to kill brown people so that brown people with beards don't come blow up our buildings. They think that sacrificing liberty will increase our liberty. These people, despite their age, seem to have not spent a single day observing objective reality. They don't know how the world works. They don't understand their existence. They've fabricated a dream world and assume they're living within it. And all of it is perfectly exemplified by Brownback saying to the American People, "The world is flat."

You know what, Brownback? The world isn't flat. And if you open your eyes and pay attention you will learn many more fascinating things about the world in which you live, you ignorant dolt.

*I can use the male pronoun because there will never be a female Republican Presidental Candidate.
**To maintain one's metaphor liscense one must be able to correctly identify metaphors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


apple did a press thing today

cut the price of the 8gig iphone by 200$
as well as announed a phoneless iphone
news is everywhere there is apple news

Ohio's 5th District.

"Ohio Rep. Paul Gillmor was found dead in his apartment Wednesday, a Republican leadership aide said."

Why is this in the blog? Because Paul Gillmor was the representative from Ohio's 5th District, which is in "the Bowling Green area of the state" and Bowling Green is where Mikey is going to teh Grad School.

Update: He has a wikipedia page and a large nose.

Man, fuck Larry Craig.

Not literally, of course. Because the last thing Larry Craig wants is a bunch of young men to have sex with. But rather, Larry Craig ought to be fucked in the figurative sense. Not because he is a repressed homosexual, but because he keeps flipping the fuck around.

Most dates from here.
June 11, 2007: Larry Craig is arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct.
August 8, 2007: Larry Craig's guilty plee filed by the court.
August 27, 2007: The story breaks in Roll Call.
August 28, 2007: At a Press Conference Larry Craig says, "I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport. I did nothing wrong, and I regret the decision to plead guilty..."
September 1, 2007: At a Press Conference Larry Craig announces his intent to resign on September 30, 2007.
September 5, 2007: According to a spokesman, "Craig says he may still fight for his Senate seat".

This shit is why Larry Craig needs to get the fuck out of Washington and go impale himself on a gigantic dildo. He keeps changing his story to fit his need. He has no respect for the legal system or due process. He has no respect for the well-being of the public. He's a self-serving dick who will say whatever he needs to say to benefit himself. And that's why he should resign.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007






Because I'm Always* Right.

So, I want to make a new website for the work place because they need a new website. I've been working on it for about 2 weeks and had a 1.5 hour meeting this afternoon about. Here has been the timeline of the site.

First, I make a sample website. I run it by a few people and they don't like it or the idea behind it and tell me to try again. Alright. I then make a second website. They do not like the site, but they like the idea. So I make a third website that people like.

Today I asked a question that lead to the 1.5 hours of meetings, during which they said that they really need a website like {insert primary aspect of my first website}. So I say, "Oh, like this?" and show them my first website, which they have seen. Upon seeing this website they say, "Yeah! Like that!"

So the first website I made that people didn't like? Yup. Going with that idea.


This is the image at the top of right now:

I don't know what that whole "Are they right? Vote!" thing is about. But I don't think it's helping anyone's understanding of how science and "empirical" work.

This is Absurd.

You know what? Existence is absurd. The entire situation is just absurd. And any particular absurdity upon which one focuses within existence indicates nothing more than how fundamentally absurd existence is.

Life? Why is there life? Time? Space? Matter? Why? How? And, How? What sense does "how" make? What sense does sense make? What is time? Why is time? And why is why?

And if we do not focus on that fundamental absurdity and instead start with our being here then what are we doing and why are we doing it?

And if we bypass all of that and just go to work to make money to stay alive and try to have an enjoyable time while doing so...why? Because we're here?

But that's absurd. And kind of stupid. Or, not really "stupid", but it's probably mostly only supported by circular logic. Or if not circular logic then that weird thing Existentialism uses. That "We exist as we exist because we exist as we exist" sort of idea. Wait, isn't that circular logic? Or is it only circular when we question it? If we just say that we exist as we exist and never question it then is it still absurd? Was it ever?

Monday, September 3, 2007

From the Office of the President

From: DeWine, Sue
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 11:53 AM
To: Students
Cc: Admin; Faculty
Subject: Greetings from President DeWine

To the Hanover Student Body:

Welcome to the first day of the 2007-2008 Academic Year. I had a chance to meet many of our first-year students during the August Experience, and upperclass students at the Welcome Back picnic on Saturday. For those of you who missed the picnic I’m sorry you missed having good food and a great time. We had a huge turnout and many faculty members and their families were there. It was fun to see young children interacting with college students. Watch for other events like this in the future.

I want to personally wish all of you a great start to the academic year and encourage you to attend the Student Fall Convocation, Thursday, September 6th at 3:00 in Collier Arena. Seniors will be recognized at that time, first-year students will be introduced to the academic community, and all students will learn about special events coming up this year. It is my opportunity to talk with all of you and I hope you will be present. A special dessert buffet will be offered in the dining hall that night in honor of this event. See you there.

Remember: Thursday, September 6th at 3:00, Collier Arena in the Horner Center, Student Fall Convocation

Dr. Sue DeWine


I am mostly used to rejection at this point of life. No real reason, but it happens. I just got an email from the kind people at Popular Communication:
International Journal of Media and Culture telling me that my paper did not make the first cut.

oh well - time to send it to someplace else

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith and Rita Cosby: Together in Life and Death

I was minding my own business, randomly clinking on links this afternoon and i clicked on this one. "Now," one might say, "who cares whether or not Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead were lovers. Anna Nicole Smith's baby was soo last spring. I have moved on, my life is fuller knowing that the Baby will be fine and that the crazy fucking judge is getting his own television show." This is a valid position to take.

What got me in this case is that this new tell-all book was written by our favorite gossip monger: Rita Cosby. Thats right; after being fired from her job taking up space on MSNBC and driving Ros crazy for years, Ms. Cosby is living her dream job peddling her blood-soaked wares in book form.

I think it is important to take a minute the think about the subtitle of this tomb "The Untold Story Behind Anna Nichole Smith's Death." Its a catchy title. Its tells the reader what its about (Ms Smiths death) and it qualifies in a provocative way (this is what you didn't know about Ms Smith's death). Really? How much more could there be to tell? Smith's death, the death of her son, her funeral, and the legal battle of her money and daughter was covered non-stop by cable news for damned near a year. In the wake of her death the media spent a lopsided amount of time ignoring the war in favor dead playboy playmate.

Needless to say, i am going to stick this book into my Audible que because, frankly i miss the sound of Cosby's four-packs-of-Virginia-Super-Slims-a-day voice.

Viva the Cosby, Viva.