Saturday, March 10, 2012

Super [chat]day!

Super Tuesday is March 6th! Below is a link to the results.

Super Tuesday Results

Friday, March 9, 2012

Daily Show: March 7, 2012

First act is nerdgasm.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book of Mormon in Chicago this Winter

The Book of Mormon will be in Chicago from December 11, 2012 till March 3, 2013.

Poe's Law: Santorum 'Game On'

For your consideration, I submit my candidate for Poe's Law: Not #1 on Google Search has fallen from the top Google result when one searches "Santorum". There is some speculation regarding why is no longer the first search result for Santorum.

On the off chance that the lowered ranking results from a lack of links to, I thought we could offer a few links to in some posts and comments that link to

Mitchell & Webb: Dinner Party

"It's an ethical thing. I don't think humans should be treated like this."

WoW: New Scroll of Resurrection

Blizzard added a new Scroll of Resurrection that offers some perks not available before:

- Free update to Cataclysm
- 7 Days free game time
- Free Server Move
- Instantly level one character to 80

Anyone interested on having their account resurrected? If I resurrect someone, and they renew their subscription, I get a new mount. Mmmm mount.

There be a FAQ

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Return to Long Form Bullshit

I am back - at least in a way. After a month delay we launched Simple Machines Marketing last week. Now that I am no longer planning a year long national advertising campaign - just executing one - i have the brain power to devote to the sort of long form bullshit this website demands.

So by way of catching up:

  1. This Rick Santorum Guy seems like a total tool bag
  2. Have you seen that awesome Diablo 3 screen-grab and/or trailer! Bone Zone! 
  3. This new Blogger UI is the worst. Someone needs to tell Google about Wordpress. I would of though at this point Blogger would at least be using something close to HTML 4. I might as well be using Word 98 to right HTML.
  4. The new Nada Surf album is pretty great.
  5. I do not understand what is happen on the Office. Triangle computers? Who?
I am going to write here at least once a week and comment more. Short form bull shit is still on Twitter. I got a beta invite to the new version of SquareSpace, so I started a baby-bullshit blog there. It is called Babies are Like Puppies. I don't know if  it will stay there or move to Niffty Stuff when the beta is over. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Video Proof to answer J's question below.

Clearly the Mechanical Dragon is the newest incarnation of Spermo From Beyond The Stars!

Avengers: Loki's Army Race?

At the end of the 2nd Avengers trailer, Loki claims to have an army. In the most recent trailer, we get a few glimpses at the army. In neither trailer are we told who the army is, of what race the army is composed. I would like to pull together a few resources upon which we may base speculative answers to this question: What is Loki's army?

First, let's meet our contestants. This page offers eight possibilities:

Frost Giants
Annihilus and His Minions
Knights of Wundagore
Sons of Muspell
Alpha Cenaurians

The page briefly summarizes the pros and cons for each race. If we ignore the Frost Giants as "too predictable" since they were the villains in Thor, then the strongest cases can be made for Atlanteans or Sons of Muspell:

There were at least three hints at Atlantis in Iron Man 2:

1) The Oracle Dome.
2) S.H.I.E.L.D. 'Target Map' includes Namor's 'Fortress of Solitude'.
3) Vanko's workshop wall: 'Atlantis Discovered' News clipping.

The problem is that Atlantis may be reserved for the Iron Man franchise, rather than have it bleed over into Avengers. Some speculate that Iron Man 3 might be a retelling of the Demon in a Bottle storyline, so Marvel may be saving Namor / Atlantis for this film, rather than spoil it in Avengers.

Sons of Muspell:
This page compares the attack scenes from the Avengers trailer with pages from an old Thor comic. Some of the attack scenes are quite similar, but a few pages from a Thor comic seems to not be evidence enough for a strong conclusion.

I'd like to offer another piece of evidence that I think throws the 8 possibilities listed above into question: the package art for the Avengers LEGO sets:

As we see in these images, the members of Loki's army are silver and gold. They are also unnamed on the box art. If Loki's army were composed of a known race from the Marvel universe, presumably they would be named on the LEGO sets.

That's all the "evidence" I've found pertaining to this very important question. So, what do you think? And before you go with the token 'SKRULLS!' response, know that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said they are not Skrulls, even though they're probably Skrulls.