Saturday, February 25, 2012

[chat] Shaped Puppy

It likes to be rubbed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HowTo: Clear Google Search History

Google is enacting a new privacy policy on March 1st. Prior to that date, it would behoove you to clear your Google Search history. Here is a handy guide for how to remove the smut from your google account!

1. Sign into your Google account.
2. Go to
3. Click "remove all Web History."
4. Click "ok."

After you've cleared your history, then, in the future, for the love of god be sure to log out of Google before searching for your lolicon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simpsons: PHDs / Grad Students

It's funny because it's true.

CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Debate summary:

Community: Troy and Abed off Hiaaaatus!

Community is back on NBC's schedule!

"Community" is back on NBC's schedule! The fan-favorite comedy is returning on Thurs., March 15 to its old 8 p.m. EST timeslot according to series creator Dan Harmon who tweeted the news.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Terry O'Neill: (~C Tu is ~C Si) & ~ (Tu is Si)

On this evening’s episode of the Ed Show, Terry O’Neill, president of N.O.W., stated that the Virginia Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill amounts to state-sanctioned rape.

Terry O’Neill: To take that experience and make it state mandated, even when it is medically inappropriate, there are a number of women who have begun to say let's look at the state definition in fact the new FBI definition of rape. And that would include vaginal penetration against the will without the consent of the woman. now --

Ed: Is it rape in your opinion?

Terry O’Neill: I think it is.

Ed: You do think it's rape?

Terry O’Neill: I think it is, Ed, I do.

Ed: Clearly it's something that a woman would be forced to do so she would lose control of her body.

Terry O’Neill: It's non-consensual. If it's non-consensual penetration of her vagina I don't know what else you call it but rape.

Last Friday I posted about this. Apparently I was not clear enough. So, let’s try this again, in the form of a dialog.

Terry: A non-consensual transvaginal ultrasound is rape.

Jay: Rape is non-consensual sexual intercourse, yes?

Terry: Of course.

Jay: So a non-consensual transvaginal ultrasound is non-consensual sexual intercourse?

Terry: Yes. That’s what I said!

Jay: So a consensual transvaginal ultrasound is consensual sexual intercourse?

Terry: Not at all! I never said that!

Jay: For simplicity’s sake, let’s utilize the following abbreviations for the rest of the argument:

Non-Consensual: ~C
Consensual: C
Transvaginal Ultrasound: Tu
Sexual Intercourse: Si
Rape: R


Terry: That’s fine.

Jay: So,

~C Tu is R
R is ~C Si
Therefore: ~C Tu is ~C Si

Terry: Yes. ~C Tu is ~C Si. And ~C Si is R. So, ~C Tu is R!

Jay: Now, watch what happens when we remove the ~C from each side: Tu is Si.


Jay: No, my symbolization of your argument belied the fundamental problem with your position: you have argued that Tu is Si.

Terry: But it’s obviously not the case that Tu is Si.

Jay: Then how are you arguing that ~C Tu is ~C Si?

Terry: Your symbols are blurring the argument; when there is no consent, the insertion of a probe into a vagina is rape. But when there is consent, it’s just a medical procedure.

Jay: Isn’t it a medical procedure in both cases?

Terry: Yes, but the medical procedure forced on women by this bill is unnecessary.

Jay: That doesn’t change its being a medical procedure.

Terry: Alright. But it’s still rape!

Jay: You seem to be claiming that where consent is not present, sexuality is present.

Terry: Yes! Exactly! The lack of consent makes the procedure sexual.

Jay: Is that the case with any act to which one does not consent?

Terry: Well, not any act. Only sexual acts!

Jay: So, a transvaginal ultrasound is a sexual act?

Terry: No, of course not! It’s only sexual when there is no consent!

Jay: What makes a ~C Tu a sexual act?

Terry: They’re inserting a probe into a woman’s vagina against her will!

Jay: And the insertion of a probe into a vagina is sexual?

Terry: No! Of course it isn’t! It’s only sexual when it’s not consensual!

Jay: I can understand how a sexual act is a sexual act, and a non-consensual act is a non-consensual act. I don’t understand how you’re relating a lack of consent to a presence of sexuality.

Terry: It is sexual because they are inserting a probe into a woman’s vagina!

Jay: That’s what they do in a consensual transvaginal ultrasound. But when they insert a probe into a vagina, within a context of consent, you don’t think that’s sexual.

Terry: Of course it isn’t sexual; it’s a medical procedure.

Jay: But when they perform the exact same medical procedure within a non-consensual context that medical procedure, which is not sexual in a consenting context, becomes sexual?

Terry: Exactly.

Jay: So where there is no consent, there is sexuality?

Terry: No!

Jay: But the lack of consent for these transvaginal ultrasounds makes them sexual?

Terry: Obviously.

I don’t know how to make Terry’s position sensible, unless we maintain (C Tu is C Si). If we aren’t going to do that, then we’re left with a very bizarre position wherein the absence of consent yields a presence of sexuality.

Which, by the way, is fucked up.