Saturday, October 11, 2008

30 days left [chat]

There about 30 days left before the presidential election. There is still plenty of time for an October surprise. The Huffington Post is reporting that the McCain Campaign and Republican National Committee is going to go negative. So watch for dirty tricks.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scrap metal theft increases in Kosciusko County

Someone thought it would be a good idea to interview my dad.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department is cracking down on scrap metal theft

Police say they've seen a spike in the number of scrap metal theft reports and suspect the increase is primarily due to the current economic situation.

Right now area police departments are working with scrap yards to catch thieves.

At Lewis Salvage Scrap Yard in Warsaw, workers are trained to report any item turned in for scrap that be suspicious and of high value.

They have security cameras that monitor all customers dropping off recyclables and state law requires photo ID for payment over one hundred dollars.

“They've taken the first steps with video and ID with the law and it really helps our job out,” says Sgt. Chad Hill from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department.

Police are reminding people to secure valuable metal if it is outside if possible.

100,000 Doors in Indiana

McCain is freaking out, by which i mean FREAKING THE FUCK OUT*. McCain is going negative, linking Obama to a guy who he barely met a few times a billion years ago. The McCain and the RNC have began dumping a shit ton of money and staff into the state. Part of this is the goal of knocking on 10,000 doors before the election.

Well, I got an email from the Obama-Indiana email list. They want people to help them knock on 100,000 doors in Indiana THIS WEEKEND. There is a walk scheduled in Warsaw Saturday. This is going crazy.

*Note: The main issue on the McCain Indiana page, Coal.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Buchanan, Matthews on Negative Politics

McCain / Palin Mob

Paris Hilton & Martin Sheen: Fake Presidents

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

This needs to be a television show.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain: "My Fellow Prisoners"

At least he didn't say, "My Fellow 9/11s."

Zero Punctuation: The Force Unleashed

Spoiler Alert: The Wii Sucks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama / McCain Debate #2: Electric FuckaYou

Make comments. Hope McCain calls Obama "Blackie Blackie Demon Koon".

Hanover College Community-

As members of the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, the Greek community, and Hanover College, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies with regards to the Pirate Party shirts that have been seen throughout campus. We realize the shirts were offensive and while they were done in good fun, they still represent a stereotype that our organization does not want to embody. To all of those who were offended, we are truly sorry, but again they are only t-shirts for a theme party and in no way express the values and morals of Phi Gamma Delta. We are going to begin working internally to prevent such offensive or degrading slogans from appearing on our upcoming apparel. Any further questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to the email address below.


The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta

Editors Note: Hanover College is home to the Tau Chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Special Comment: Terrorists? It's Palin doing the pallin'

Sarah Palin: From Cute to Cunt

She's just gone from bein so gosh darn cute and spunky to be a lying fucking cunt, don't ya know?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Will Wright supported Giuliani; I was right.

As I intimated in my Sporn is Justice post I really fucking hate Will Wright. And when some people were all "Why do you hate Will Wright" I had no sensible response except to restate that I Hate Will Wright; I could divine my hatred for the fucker without any knowledge of a particular reason; I simply understood that I hate him and that my hatred was justified.

For some people that was not good enough. But Lo and Behold there was a reason; I just did not know about it at the time:


Will Wright's given $3,000 to John McCain, after crapping out with a $2,350 bet on Rudy Giuliani in the primaries.

Will Wright gave $2,350 to the Giuliani campaign.
Will Wright gave $3,000 to John McCain.

I think that somewhere deep in my idiocy I divined that Wright's hubristic and moronic "I can simulate teh anything" world view was inherently indicative of something bad, undesireable, and detrimental. And while I did not know, at the time, that it indicated Wright's idea that "Rudy Giuliani would be the best president evar!" I know it now.

So, FUCK YOU! I was right; Will Wright is a Giuliani loving 9/11 humping fuckhead.


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