Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minecraft [chat]

Apparently, Minecraft is going from Alpha to Beta soon, which again raises the question: Why the fuck do people play Minecraft? A possible answer could be found in this post, detailing how an individual built a 16-bit computer within Minecraft.

Which I think proves that players of Minecraft are simply operating under a different definition of "fun" than the rest of us.

Not that Minecraft isn't...novel. And, sure, building a 16-bit computer inside a computer program is...a thing to do. But there are many other things to do which, perhaps, are more fun than Minecraft. Hell, here's a quick list.

List of things which are more fun than Minecraft:
1) Sex
2) Consuming Liquor
3) Consuming Liquor + Sex
4) Zelda?

Though, truthfully, neither liquor nor sex will result in a minecraft save file within which can be found a 16-bit computer within which there are little digital piggies running around.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Google Labs - Books Ngram Viewer

Books Ngram Viewer
This is lots of fun.
turns out vampire beats out zombie, and war beats out peace. And God and Christianity have been loosing a lot of steam over the last century.