Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melissa Benoist [chat]

I do believe Melissa Benoist just replaced Lea Michele as my Glee crush.

It was damn close, but Melissa far exceeds Lea in the "sad girl singing" category.

Friday, October 5, 2012

WoW: Panda Cabbage

I was doing quite well.  5 months and 14 days without playing WoW.  Life's on track.  I'm doing my work.  I saw the WoW pokemon videos, and was all "ok, no.  I wants it, but I can fights it."

Then this appeared on Kotaku:

It's WoW farmville.  It's a farm.  In WoW.  Your own personal farm that you have to tend every day in order to harvest your WoW farmville crops.

If you farm enough, and increase your reputation, you can get awesome reputation rewards.

Like a riding goat.

And I think to myself, "Self?  How much better would life be if you had a goat in WoW, and you could ride your WoW goat while planting Panda Cabbage?"

And my self says, "Exponentially better.  You don't need to study Latin.  You need to acquire that WoW goat."

And I'm all, "You know what, self?  You're right.  Latin sucks.  Riding goats in WoW is awesome."

I know it doesn't behoove me to play WoW.  It's $15 a month to increase numbers in a database.  And there are probably better things (scotch) to do with my money and time.

And yet...the panda cabbage.  It tempts me.

So here I sit, with neither panda cabbage nor WoW goat.  Cold and alone.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 First Presidential Debate Live Stream

Here is a list of the websites that shall be streaming the first 2012 Presidential Debate.

  • ABC News will be streaming the debate live on its YouTube channel as well as its iPad app.
  • CBS News will stream the debate live on Ustream.
  • CNN will stream the debate on its website. The news network will also allow viewers to create clips of their favorite answers and share them with their friends.
  • Fox News will be streaming the debate on its site starting at 4:45pm PT, and also feature some insights into the most popular topics of the evening through an exclusive collaboration with Twitter.
  • The Wall Street Journal is providing a live feed of the debate on it site as well as through its WSJ Live apps on the iPad, on Android devices and various Smart TV platforms.
  • Politico’s website streams the debate as well as some pre- and post-debate coverage, starting at 5pm PT.
  • Univision’s live stream of the presidential debate will be translated into Spanish in real-time.
  • C-SPAN is going to stream the debate on it site as part of its C-SPAN2 live feed.
  • The Sunlight Foundation will provide a fact-checked live stream with contextual data as part of its Sunlight Live project.
  • Alphabet of Nations

    This is Rooney's jam.

    Monday, October 1, 2012

    Romney in 1995