Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 First Presidential Debate Live Stream

Here is a list of the websites that shall be streaming the first 2012 Presidential Debate.

  • ABC News will be streaming the debate live on its YouTube channel as well as its iPad app.
  • CBS News will stream the debate live on Ustream.
  • CNN will stream the debate on its website. The news network will also allow viewers to create clips of their favorite answers and share them with their friends.
  • Fox News will be streaming the debate on its site starting at 4:45pm PT, and also feature some insights into the most popular topics of the evening through an exclusive collaboration with Twitter.
  • The Wall Street Journal is providing a live feed of the debate on it site as well as through its WSJ Live apps on the iPad, on Android devices and various Smart TV platforms.
  • Politico’s website streams the debate as well as some pre- and post-debate coverage, starting at 5pm PT.
  • Univision’s live stream of the presidential debate will be translated into Spanish in real-time.
  • C-SPAN is going to stream the debate on it site as part of its C-SPAN2 live feed.
  • The Sunlight Foundation will provide a fact-checked live stream with contextual data as part of its Sunlight Live project.
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