Friday, October 5, 2012

WoW: Panda Cabbage

I was doing quite well.  5 months and 14 days without playing WoW.  Life's on track.  I'm doing my work.  I saw the WoW pokemon videos, and was all "ok, no.  I wants it, but I can fights it."

Then this appeared on Kotaku:

It's WoW farmville.  It's a farm.  In WoW.  Your own personal farm that you have to tend every day in order to harvest your WoW farmville crops.

If you farm enough, and increase your reputation, you can get awesome reputation rewards.

Like a riding goat.

And I think to myself, "Self?  How much better would life be if you had a goat in WoW, and you could ride your WoW goat while planting Panda Cabbage?"

And my self says, "Exponentially better.  You don't need to study Latin.  You need to acquire that WoW goat."

And I'm all, "You know what, self?  You're right.  Latin sucks.  Riding goats in WoW is awesome."

I know it doesn't behoove me to play WoW.  It's $15 a month to increase numbers in a database.  And there are probably better things (scotch) to do with my money and time.

And yet...the panda cabbage.  It tempts me.

So here I sit, with neither panda cabbage nor WoW goat.  Cold and alone.



Christina said...

Oh, Jay. Resist the urge of the panda cabbage.

WTF is a panda cabbage anyway?

Also, way to go on the not playing WoW for so long. When you're bored you should get on gchat and talk to me.

Mike Lewis said...

goat is very tasty.

we should all eat goat more often.

Caleb said...