Saturday, November 15, 2008

Election Hangover [chat]

look at that blue! I think Omaha is winking at us!

Atomic Age Cinema: It's Just like Not Being There!

Were you at the Halloween show? Me either! But now you can simulate what it might be like to sort of be there. For the host segments, at least.

Please be assured that not every night is like this. Usually the movie they say they're going to show, they fucking show. Except one time I remember. But Dr. Calamari shut me down for complaining about it.

Thanks to the guy on YouTube who uploaded this clip. Furious propers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jekyll: Why can't American television be this good?

Recently watched the British mini-series Jekyll and all I can say, is "Wow". This is how you tell a story. If you have netflix, or some other manner in which you can procure this show, I would recommend doing so. It is only 2 discs, but packs about 6 hours of solid storyline. I couldn't get myself to walk away after any given episode, and burnt through it in a single night.

The story is based on a distant descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, and how he deals with the transformation that plagued his descendant. The constantly twisting and turning story keeps you guessing and entertained at the same time.

A must see for any true fan of television.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Valkyria Chronicles: Almost worth buying a PS3 for

Let me preface this by saying that no one game is worth buying a PS3 for, but if you are thinking of getting one, Valkyria Chronicles makes that decision a lot easier.

Valkyria Chronicles, if I am forced to categorize it, a Tactical RPG, but it brings with it an elements of Gears of War, and Battlefield. Never before when playing a TRPG, have I felt as if I were truly in a battle. I always treated the games more like a chess match than a war. Valkyria Chronicles changes that.

Set in a Earth-like setting, similar to our own WWII era. Following a great War, the world has broken out in another war as the evil empire from the east has it's sights set on lowly Gallia, a neutral state. If you don't like cut scenes and story this game is not for you. Thankfully, I love me some stories. After only a few hours of play, I'm guessing 6 or so, I'm deeply engrossed and find myself constantly wanting more.

Your squad consists of 20 hand picked members, of which you can use 9 at a time (as has been the case for me thus far), but you can retreat them out if near a base and replace them the next turn. (both actions however cost resources). Each unit type has a situational use. Scouts are fast and efficient, Shocktroopers provide even offense and mobility, Lancers are anti tank troops, snipers are just that, and engineers are a useful utility class with great movement.

The game's combat system is an interesting mix of turn based strategy and gears of war. The turn based strategy part is the command view. You see a map view of the scenario, with tokens representing your troops and visible opposition troops. At the start of each turn you are awarded a certain number of "Command Points"(CP). These can be spent on troops actions and orders. Each troop action costs one CP, a tank action costs two CP, and orders have different CP costs depending on the power of the ability. Once you decide to spend a CP on a troop action, you are moved into a third person over the shoulder view similar to Gears of War. Like GoW you are able to crouch behind bunkers to secure cover, and have an aiming view to fire shots. For the most part, you only get one round of shots (at a single target) per action (CP spent). As you are moving your units, you are often under fire from opposing units in their bunkers. This part really gives you the feel of being in an actual combat zone. As scenarios play out, there are often bases to take as you cross the landscape, allowing you to retreat faster troops that took the base and move in some heavier troops to help break the lines to the next base.

Another interesting feature of the game includes group leveling and equipping. In an attempt to reduce the micromanagement involved in a game with such a large squad, you level your units as a unit type (IE all scouts or all snipers). Also, when you pay for a new rifle upgrade, all of your rifle users get this upgrade automatically. I'm finding I love this feature for equipment, but am a little disappointed that my troops don't level up differently.

This game brings a refreshing new perspective on TRPGs, and I am hooked.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zombie Helen Thomas to cover Obama White House

Sorry, that was a cheap shot at an 88 year old woman. She could kick our asses


Fox Cancels Mad TV

Fox told Salzman the decision to ax the show was an economic one.

"They said it was too expensive for a daypart where dollars have been shrinking," he said. "Their thought was, the show is what the show is, and that essence needs to be maintained -- but it's hard to produce as big and ambitious a show as ours for less money than they're paying now."
There's also the fact that the show COMPLETELY SUCKED ASS AND WAS TERRIBLE!

Zero Punctuation: Fable 2

Ninjatown: Won't you take me too

Now that the political atmosphere is calming down, I can get back to what I like doing best. Playing games and then talking about them. Today, after getting a few hours to play Ninjatown, I will talk about it.

This game takes two things I love very much, and combines them. Ninjas and fortifying a location to defend it.

First ninjas:
We all know ninjas kick ass. For me there is no question.

The game has many different ninjas that all have unique abilities in helping defend one's town. At this poing I have unlocked 4 different kinds.
The wee ninja is an all around melee ninja, cheap and effective. The anti-ninja, a slow bruising melee type. The sniper ninja, who uses a blow gun to shoot down air invaders, which the melee types can't hit. Lastly, the snow ninja, a utility ninja that throws snowballs to slow down opposing troops.

Second fortifactions and defense:
I have a bad habit in RTSes of building up a base and putting up defensive structures all over the place. This tends to get me killed on a very consistent basis due to the offensive nature of RTSes. This game however rewards this behavior. I for one am pleased.

Your job is to keep the demons from passing through your town and doing damage to you, but you have a limited number of resources (cookies) in which to buy and upgrade ninjas. You must be strategic in which ninjas you buy and when you upgrade them to keep the demon hordes at bay. Also, special buildings exist to allow you to improve adjacent ninjas abilites, such as damage and attack range. The demon hordes walk down a path or even multiple paths to get through your town. A grid like system allows you to place huts for cookies, each hut containing two ninjas of the specified type. You place the huts strategically to stem the flow of demons. As demons are defeated by your ninjas, you earn more cookies to spend on more huts, buildings, or upgrading ninjas. As the old master ninja, you can also unlock abilities that allow you help out your ninja defenses.

I was quite impressed with the game. Although, the graphics and characters may seem childish. It is quite enjoyable, and I found myself redoing a few stages over and over to get an A grade before moving on, because I found it to be so much fun. It is definitely a game I would recommend to anyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olbermann: Gay Marriage Special Comment

It's that thing I said and countless others have said:
"Don't you as human beings have to embrace that love?"

Olbermann Attack by Baby

He also felt like "The Leader of a Brownie troop" while on the view. That man has a large head, literally, it is the size of a large Watermelon.

Apocalyptica: Finnish cello metal band

Yes, I accept this band.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe Fucking Scarborough Fucking said Fuck

Oh my fucking fuck! He fucking said fuck on the fucking air! You can't fucking do that! What the fuck was he fucking thinking?

This is why we invented YouTube