Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year [chat]

Here are some numbers for the year.

PAGE VIEWS: 69,053
AVG. TIME ON SITE: 2min 3 sec

1) Hellgate London: Online Skill Tree (9,010 Views)
2) 32 Gig iPhone (8,067 Views)
3) WoW 3.0.2 Patch Notes: Laughing my Balls Off (3,360 Views)
4) Miley Cyrus Tentacle Porn Writes itself (2,327 Views)
5) Sarah Palilin's Baby (1,232 Views)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Guild: Episode 1

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pushing Daisies Memorial.

In hearing today that Pushing Daisies won't even be allowed to live out the rest of its lifespan. Rather than having the plug pulled to die a graceful death, it is instead being beheaded. I thought it a good idea to have a memorial. This memorial will be for all of Brian Fuller's works that never had a chance to thrive.

This is for all of the wonderful work he has done, but has not been allowed to blossom. This is for Dead Like Me. This is for Wonderfalls. This is for Pushing Daisies. May their DVD sets sell like wildfire, and grace many a collection. May Brian Fuller be given another chance and find a show that can appeal to a broader audience, while maintaining that special Fuller magic that I have come to love.

Also, may Kristen Chenoweth find more opportunities to introduce her cleavage and voice into my living room.

I bring thee peace and harmony

..... As we jostle for superiority and bragging rights in the chat thread, I want us all to remember why we come together.

For Pork Products.

Behold the Bacon Exxxxplosion.

Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2008

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adventures in Twitter Land: Jason Statham is the most awesome person in the world

Someone posted a link to this on twitter. It invovles two wonderful things. Patton Oswalt and Jason Statham

Statham's profile, collectively, is a promise to you, the weary filmgoer. It's a promise that says, "I promise that you will not FOR ONE SECOND be bored during one of my movies. You won't learn shit about the human condition, or feel a collective connection with the brotherhood of man. But if you give me $10, I will fuck an explosion while a Slayer song plays".

Please read on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dog Attacks: An Evolutionary Test

Apparently this weekend my Uncle was walking his dog. In the course of the walk he was attacked by another dog. The dog took out part of Uncle's lip and Uncle had to have plastic surgery.

Which once again raises my eternal question: WHO THE FUCK LOSES A FIGHT TO A DOG?

I've covered this twice before. And I'm NOT FUCKING WRONG! So, let's go over this again. In fact, let me fucking break it down for you.

Human Beings are able to dominate other biological creatures as a result of the Human Being's ability to use tools. Dogs do not have tools. Dogs have neither guns nor knives nor collapsible battons nor pepper spray. Maybe you don't carry a gun. Fine. Maybe you don't have a collapsible batton. Stupid, but ok. Pepper spray is perceived to be for women so, ok, maybe guys don't carry pepper spray. But a knife? That's fucking evolutionary development #1 for humankind!! First we learned how to make sharp shit. Then we learned how to burn shit. If you, a human being, still fail to grasp your place in the entirety of existence and so fail to carry something sharp? I'm sorry. You've fucking failed.

Human beings have tools. Dogs do not have tools. SO USE YOUR FUCKING TOOLS, SHITHEAD!

This one has two parts

Part 1: Dogs hurt you with their teeth.
If we had a diagram of a dog the part with the little "Danger!" sign would be the snout. That's it. A dog won't wag you to death. A dog won't paw you to death. A dog's going to fucking bite you; this is what a dog does. So, really, if you're attacked by a dog? You have maybe 6 inches, in a really fucking big dog, which you have to avoid. How the fuck hard is it to avoid six inches?

Moreover? That six inches is merely bone. We're not talking about fighting wolverine. All you have to do is either avoid the dog's jaw or crush the dog's jaw. How the fuck hard can it be to avoid a dog's jaw or, let's say in the worst case scenario, break a dog's jaw? You know what? Breaking isn't even a sensible strategy. Just fucking punch the damn thing in the nose. You, a human being, have high-funtioning motor skills. You can identify "nose". So all you have to do is punch the fucking nose. This is not a difficult task to perform.

Part 2: Your skeleton > dog's skeleton.
Human beings have far greater mobility when it comes to grappling than dogs. Your spine bends in a manner which allows you to bend over backwards. A dog's spine cannot bend that way. When you stand on two legs you are in a fighting position. When a dog stands on two legs it exposes its supple underbelly. If you cannot prevent the previously mentioned six inches from interracting with your face via a combination of your ability to kick and the dog's ability to have a soft underbelly? You fail.

Here is a video which describes the manner in which dogs attack. Note how a dog attacks:
1) Dog lunges for you.
2) Dog bites you.
3) Dog shakes head while maintaining a grip upon your person.

Dogs have innate traits which dictate the manner of attack. Since you, a human being, are fucking convinced that you have free will your actions are not dictacted. You, a human being, with a fucking brain, can modify your actions to compliment the situation. So here is a test.

Situation: Dog lunges at you. Do you
a) step aside and so avoid the lunge
b) apply force to the nose of the lunging dog
c) apply force to the exposed underbelly of a dog
d) cut the dog's throat
e) shoot the dog
f) stand there like a fuckhead

The correct answer is: ANYTHING BUT F, ASSHOLE!

Here's the point. Were I incorrect? Human beings would have died out to dogs long ago. If it were impossible to win a fight with a dog then dogs would have killed off human beings long ago. But you know what? Human beings dominated the evolutionary contest between humans and dogs. Humans have tools. Humans have high-functioning motor skills. Dogs are fucking stupid.

If you lose a fight to a dog? You're not just a pussy. You're not just a dipshit. You have failed at being a human being. If you lose a fight to a dog you have failed to employ tools. You have failed to utilize your high-functioning motor skills. You have failed to exploit the stupidity of dogs. You have failed on an evolutionary level.

You lost a fight to this:

Human Beings did not get to this point losing fights to dogs. So, I'm sorry, shithead. But if you lose a fight to a dog you're out of the species. I hear that the kittens are recruiting. Maybe you could be a kitten. They lose to dogs too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Failure of Spirit and Cult Film

I wrote the following in response to a this post on

I think the failure of The Spirit proves the rule that cult success never strikes twice. This film, for all intent and purpose, is a sequel to Sin City not 300. Sin City did not make a lot of money, but it has developed a cult following.

In the realm of cult film making there are two things that can happen when you make a follow up the a cult hit 1) it either becomes mainstream straight ahead hollywood movie or 2) it fails.

An example of the first outcome. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was made for about 150,000$ outside of the hollywood system. It became a huge successes and grossed 30 million. With returns like that a sequel had to happen. 10 years later The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was released. It make double what it cost to produce. It was far more gory, much like the slasher horror films that were popular during the 1980s.

example 2: Rocky Horror Picture show slowly became a cult film in the years after it was released but the 1981 follow up Shock Treatment has been largely forgotten. Rocky Horror did not gain a cult following right away. It took a number of years for the midnight movie culture of the film to spread across the country.

7 years after Rock Horror came out, and well after it became established as a cult film Shock Treatment was released first as a midnight movie. Only after it had opened in niche theaters did it have a general ride release. They were trying to capture the already existing cult market for the film, without acknowledging what made it cult in the first place.

Getting back to The Spirit, Miller seems to be going back to the same creative well that he and Robert Rodriguez used before. Miller didnt' do it any better, or bring anything new this time. Lots of sequel rehash successful films. However cult audiences do not seem to be as forgiving. Cult film goers, like other fandoms, go above and beyond the norm. That is what makes them fans. They are not interested in seeing rehashes and remakes.

The Spirt was doomed to failure from the start.