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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diablo 3: Quit Bitching about the RMAH

At the moment, persons are posting items for $250 on Diablo 3's Real Money Auction House.  Other persons are buying said items.  Since people are willing to spend $250, many other persons are compelled to post less-ideal items for similarly high prices, say $150 - $200. Those items, too, are selling.

This upsets some players.  They demand that Blizzard fix the "problem" of expensive RMAH items.
The people who are upset need to shut the fuck up.

I realize that it might not be fun to see an item you want post for $250 and sell for that price.  I realize that it's frustrating to be in a position where you can neither afford $250 items on the RMAH, or 5M+ items on the Gold Auction house.

Poverty sucks, be it real-world or in-game.

But all of the arguments against the current system are of the following form:
1)  I want to buy X.
2)  I cannot afford X.
3)  Someone else wants X, can afford X, and so purchases X.
4)  When someone else purchases X, I do not get X.

Therefore, Blizzard needs to construct a situation within which I can get the items I want just as easily as the person who is willing and able to pay $250 / 5M+.

If you cannot discern the reasons for which that argument is retarded, then there is something very, very, wrong with you.

If you cannot afford a yacht, then you don't get a fucking yacht.

If you cannot afford a perfect Andariel's Visage, then you don't get a perfect Andariel's visage.

It's economics.  It's capitalism.  And if you don't like it, then maybe Diablo 3 isn't for you.

I'll admit that the current prices are crazy.  The fact that a person is willing to pay $250 for one item in a game that, honestly, probably won't be around for a while is quite perplexing.

But this isn't the sort of activity that Blizzard needs to prevent.  If people want to post items for $250, then they can.  If crazy-people want to buy items for $250, then they can.

The thing to keep in mind, of course, is that once the crazy people get the gear they want, then the prices will slowly drop down to "sane" levels.

The absurdity of that statement, of course, is the idea that there is a "sane" price that one could pay for 1s and 0s.