Monday, March 5, 2012

A Return to Long Form Bullshit

I am back - at least in a way. After a month delay we launched Simple Machines Marketing last week. Now that I am no longer planning a year long national advertising campaign - just executing one - i have the brain power to devote to the sort of long form bullshit this website demands.

So by way of catching up:

  1. This Rick Santorum Guy seems like a total tool bag
  2. Have you seen that awesome Diablo 3 screen-grab and/or trailer! Bone Zone! 
  3. This new Blogger UI is the worst. Someone needs to tell Google about Wordpress. I would of though at this point Blogger would at least be using something close to HTML 4. I might as well be using Word 98 to right HTML.
  4. The new Nada Surf album is pretty great.
  5. I do not understand what is happen on the Office. Triangle computers? Who?
I am going to write here at least once a week and comment more. Short form bull shit is still on Twitter. I got a beta invite to the new version of SquareSpace, so I started a baby-bullshit blog there. It is called Babies are Like Puppies. I don't know if  it will stay there or move to Niffty Stuff when the beta is over. 


Caleb said...

All hail the return of Mikey!


Caleb said...


Marketing marketing marketing marketing marketing, marketing marketing.

Mike Lewis said...

I gotta pay the bills and unless any of you people want to give me a book deal that is going to pay more than $100....

_J_ said...

Marketing: Convincing people to buy things they haven't yet realized they can't live without.

_J_ said...

On Babies:

Carla: I just want a baby so badly...

Turk: Why? What's it gonna be like having a baby?

Carla: Dr. Cox said it's like having a dog that slowly learns how to talk.

Turk: Awesome!

Mike Lewis said...

this is what i am saying! Babies == puppies

Mike Lewis said...

additionally the new The Magnetic Fields album is just as insufferable as their other albums.

_J_ said...

Unfortunately, you can't legally drown a sack full of babies.

Well, I guess you can't legally drown a sack full of puppies, either.

But I think the punishments would be slightly different.