Saturday, June 6, 2009

The [Chat] Jar

I cannot believe that Mikey lived in a city which had a cookie delivery service and he left that city. What could be better than the ability to have fresh, warm cookies delivered to one's door?

I think that very little could be better than that. Except, perhaps, for love. Provided that it was love AND cookies regardless of the fact that the cookies were not delivered.

Thoughts on cookie delivery?


Roscoe said...

God.. I love me some The Soup, but... I HATE me some E!

Roscoe said...

So, I recorded the last Adult Swim show last night, because I didn't recognize it.

Anyone familiar with "The Rising Son"? Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc.. done up as a Telenovela.

It's brilliantly moronic.

Caleb said...

Are they normal sized cookies?
Do you order them by the dozen?
Do they also have pints of chilled milk?


Do they support phone-in recipies?

Mike Lewis said...

cookies are maybe 1.5 times the size of the average store bought cookie.
delievers coming in pizza boxes (i think there is a min on delievery)
Cold milk is on the menu

Brownies and Muffins are around sometimes


_J_ said...

Why did you leave that area? Cookies, man! COOKIES!

You can't just get cookies anywhere.

kylebrown said...

Holy shit...

David Carradine is dead.

The legend no longer continues.

Mike Lewis said...

Conan is a nerd.

MA17 said...

So, E3 things.

Metroid from an Itagaki-less Team Ninja? Trailer looks fantastic? Looks like it could be pretty directly related to Super Metroid? Yes, please. Internet worries that the brooding loneliness of Metroid will be lost in this super-action time game, but those people are big dummies who don't seem to remember that Samus Aran shoots missiles out of her arm, can run so fast that she kills and destroys things in her way, and she is generally built for killing things and jumping around. Not to mention the infinite bombs. Oh and Samus talks, apparently, and this just gets people all angry because an NES character talking is like sending a scorpion back in time to kill your childhood with poisonous scorpion rape. Or so some say. I personally think it's the logical next fucking step.

Castlevania being worked on by Kojima? Sort of? Are these guys who worked on Boktai? Maybe? The last thing Castlevania needs is a a lot of story, and you know Kojima will do one TON of story, but I do enjoy his huge convoluted campy MGS stories, so maybe this is good. Trailer looks nice.

No PS3 price drop, redesign, or package deal? Meh. That sucks.

MA17 said...

Also No More Heroes 2, but that's not really an E3 thing. I guess Castlevania wasn't either, but there wasn't much known about it before, so it gets a pass.

Mike Lewis said...

strangely enough - i am super excited about Rock Band: Beatles

i will not at all be buying it with guitars but the game itself looks fantastic

MA17 said...

Yeah, those Beatles were pretty cool.

I hope this next wave of alternative input devices bankrupts industry. Conversely, my new goal in life is to load the top of my TV with the myriad video game sensors of present and past and then take a picture of it the moment before it collapses in big pile of retarded shit.

I like that Molyneuwave or whatever showed off the Milo thing. It's sort of like he's showing us the best way to play a god game, but then not using it for a god game. He's like "hey, what if Black & White was just an AI kid and an interface?" and we're all "that's even dumber than Black & White, asshole!"

Further, I'm pretty low on FFXIII info by personal choice, but it's been kind of difficult to ignore lately. Is Steve Harvey in this game? (Yes)

MA17 said...

bankrupts ^the industry