Saturday, May 23, 2009

PSP Lunar Silver Star Story [chat]

LUNAR IS COMING TO PSP! To put this into perspective I must use the words of MA17: "If you don't own a Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation, or GBA, but DO own a PSP, then you will finally get to play Lunar sometime this year or next."




_J_ said...

Lunar is the greatest story ever told in any medium, on any planet, in any species, ever; shut up.

That other story? Nope, not as good as Lunar.

The only story that could be better than the story of Lunar would be some sort of double Lunar. Which is not to say Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, because Lunar 2 sucked and was stupid.

Lunar: Silver Star Story: Super-best story ever, fuck you, no, shut up.

_J_ said...



_J_ said...

Each of our souls
intertwine, when we do.

Don't ask me what "do" is supposed to mean in that sentence. I have no idea. But it is the greatest use of "do" ever, in any song, or book, or screenplay, or anything, ever.

MA17 said...

I had a feeling you might be interested.

Sometimes I see Lunar: Dragon Song or whatever the DS version was called, and I'm briefly tempted, but no. Sequels are useless.

Roscoe said...

That feeling right there?

That's the feeling I get when I see Lockjaw partner up w/ Zabu, Redwing, Niels Bohr the Bouncing Cat, and FROG THOR.

_J_ said...

I want to play Lunar again this summer. It's so freaking epic and awesome.

MA17 said...

The trailer for Red Dead Redemption is up on XBL, and I must assume other conduits for video as well.

By my estimation, Red Dead Revolver (which, if I recall correctly, was canceled by Capcom in maybe 2003, then finished by Angel Studios who was then purchased by Rockstar Games) was appealing almost entirely because the Western was a genre not often utilized in FPSs, and not only was this game a Western, but it was obviously a Leone Western of the "Starring Clint Eastwood" variety.

The game itself was pretty much worthless except for how it had more cowpokes than any game since Outlaws, and featured music and scenarios from Spaghetti Westerns. Now that it's like five years since that came out, and we've had Dead Man's Hand (actually released about the same time as Revolver, I think, but I got the impression that it was more or less hated), Call of Juarez, uh...Darkwatch (Vampire Cowboys) and Gun. I think Gun took place in the Old West.

I'm not trying to suggest that Western-themed shooters are as prevalent as WWII-themed (although it took quite a while for THAT explosion to take place), but this isn't a lonely category as much as before, so the free ride is essentially over, I would say. Redemption advertising uses some pretty iconic Eastwood movie artwork, so they still have that going for them.

But then the trailer is pretty much fucking guys on horses who talk about how the West is a difficult place what with the Indians and the sickness and the whatnot. What is this FPS about? Shooting my way to a smallpox vaccine? Granted, not every second of a Western has to be set to brassy music or whistling, and not every trailer needs to pause occasionally to render the scene in a black and primary-color painting, but come on, these are gimmies.

The way RDRedemption is looking from that trailer, it's going to be all of the lame gameplay of the first game without any of the reasons to endure it.

Unless I'm missing something, which is very possible. I like Westerns, but I don't live and breathe them.

MA17 said...

To summarize the meandering stream of non-logic above: Red Dead was mostly a failure that succeeded only in that it was a Spaghetti Western simulator, right down to certain aspects of its presentation.

This new game does not seem to employ this presentation, and I am at a loss as to why they would even bother making this game.

Roscoe said...

know what a good "WESTERN" fps needs?

long tangled tangents including bits of the Civil War on the outskirts.

and cigarillos. Maybe a serappe or two. If Carlos of Sunset Riders doesn't cry out for biting his style.

_J_ said...

I assumed that Red Dead Redemption was GTA set in the Olde West.

_J_ said...

So apparently rather than having bountiful employment this summer I will, in fact, have very sparse and possibly no employment this summer.


Well, at least I have some marketable skills to fall back on...such as hard html coding and...reading retention...

I'm fucking doomed.

MA17 said...

I had heard that place has fallen on hard times < /shock>. Wait, that tag should have come at the beginning of the sentence and about six months ago.

That sucks they aren't bringing in the old hands this year. Maybe this is the year you finally take that cruise.

_J_ said...

And i've been scrimping and saving for that cruise, too!

Apparently my tax return ought to cover most of 2 months of rent, which is nice and removes that worry. It was mostly the shock of "wait...i can always work there...what do you mean i can't work there?"

MA17 said...

Sometime today you might wonder, "is Japan still going on about that Evangelion thing?"

Yes, they are.

MA17 said...

Oh jeez, this thing is made to promote the New Eva Movie coming out next month in Japan.

Apparently it looks and sounds like what they use in the movie. Limited quantity! 30,000!

That's, what, 2000 for every year Eva has been around?

_J_ said...

Went to Hanover for a few days because "fuck it".

This is my home and I never want to leave.

Mike Lewis said...

Some new Diablo III screens