Friday, June 12, 2009

Number of the Beast

Rock Banded added a ton o Iron Maiden songs this week. Number of the Beast was one of the first songs posted when RB1 came out - but it was an AWFUL cover verion (maybe the same one for GH1). Anyways, the charts look fantastic. I am not really into iron maidain enough to get any of these songs - but i could not pass up posting the video.

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Mike Lewis said...

also - three green day songs are going to be on DLC on 7/7 - but they are all songs off the new album not any old stuff

...which kind sucks. green day songs would be kinda like weezers songs. there are not a lot to them, but they were one of my favorite bands in high school.

finally, i was listening to my ipod in the car the other day. it was flippined around a randomly generated play list and a Blink-182 song came up. History Will be kind to that band - the are still "my first punk band" but they are still fun to listen to while driving around warsaw on a rainy day.