Friday, June 4, 2010

Sue Lowden agrees with Rand Paul

RALSTON: Do you think that Rand Paul was right that the Civil Rights Act should not have extended to private businesses?
LOWDEN: This is what I say. I’m more interested in what we’re doing here in Nevada.
RALSTON: It’s a simple question.
LOWDEN: It’s a simple question, but it’s a gotcha’ question, frankly. I wouldn’t even know Rand Paul if I saw him on the street.
RALSTON: I’m not asking about Rand Paul.
LOWDEN: I haven’t been watching that race.
RALSTON: Do you think the Civil Rights Act should apply to private businesses?
LOWDEN: I think you want to change the subject from what’s really happening. Nobody’s asking that question, Jon.
RALSTON: So you’re not going to answer it?

Every politician needs to be asked this question for the next 3 years.

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