Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anders [chat]ring Breivik

Oslo Terrorist used WoW as cover

As preparations for what are essentially terrorist operations can raise suspicions, typically over one's lack of money or time spent away from friends and family, Breivik suggests that "using social taboos is an extremely effective method from preventing people who know you well from digging too much." One such taboo is an obsession with World of Warcraft.

"F[or] example, tell them that you have started to play World of Warcraft or any other online MMO game and that you wish to focus on this for the next months/year," Breivik writes. "This "new project" can justify isolation and people will understand somewhat why you are not answering your phone over long periods. Tell them that you are completely hooked on the game (raiding dungeons etc)."

Ergo, all WoW players are terrorists.


_J_ said...

Here's a fun list of events / thoughts that happened today within the span of about 4 minutes.

1) Hey, MA17 wrote another Cowboy Bebop Review.

2) Hey, I should write some anime reviews.

3) Hey, I wrote around 40 reviews for animefu back in the day. I could copy some of those over to the blog and make it appear as if I put forth some effort.

4) Hey, animefu doesn't exist anymore, so all of those reviews are gone.

5) Fucking Damn it!

_J_ said...

Reason I hate heat #372:

I was just making myself a gin and tonic. As a sensible human being, I keep my gin in the freezer and my glasses in the cupboard. When I poured the gin into a glass, the difference in heat actually made the damned glass shatter.

So, I guess I have to start storing glasses in the freezer.

Mike Lewis said...

I am running a fantasy football league this year. If anyone wants to play you can sign up with this link.

kylebrown said...

Mikey, I'll join your league and I promise I'll pay more attention to this one this year as I don't think I'll be getting into any others.

kylebrown said...

@J, I would think storing them in the fridge would work if you are short on freezer space.

Roscoe said...

It's where I keep my glasses, as a conscientious host, always prepared to offer social cocktails to guests.

I suppose this is what you get for living like a savage, storing your drinkware as the devil-may-care, providing cover for miscreants with your guildies and what not. The very heavens themselves deny you your gin, and instead, offer you shards of jagged glass to soothe your heatstroke.

Clearly? The heavens respect civility.

Caleb said...


_J_ said...

Hey, I don't live like a savage. I have Martini glasses and glass beer mugs in the freezer. I just didn't put cocktail glasses in the freezer / fridge.

So, I did things 2/3 right. That's not a savage. That's...maybe a Scot.

It was one of those half-sized highball glasses with the really thick base. So it broke in a kinda nifty way.

Once again I am fucked by the laws of thermodynamics.

sflinky said...

Whiskey Sours (made with wild turkey) make better summer drinks and do not require frozen glasses, just a shaker.

Roscoe said...

You mean a rocks glass? A glass designed to have ice put into it?

And sours don't require it, no. But a chilled glass keeps the drink cooler longer, AND keeps mistakes like J's from happening.

Also? Turkey bourbon sours? give me a good Rye like Rittenhouse anyday.

Mike Lewis said...

no - it is a drink that does not require you to keep anything in the freezer, other than ice.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a thing of beauty. If you want to go with a true small batch, By vote is for Blantons or Buffalo Trace

_J_ said...

But a shaker won't make the drink as cold as keeping its components in the freezer.

Roscoe said...

Now, why didn't you SAY Rare Breed?

Rare Breed's a fine choice. But basic fifth Wild Turkey?

There's nothing civilized about that.

_J_ said...

Rifftrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer. August 17th.

Mike Lewis said...

they are remaking jake the giant killer?! Whats next - a movie based on Battleship?


kylebrown said...

So according to my sources, our high school reunion is this weekend is that correct? I have this perverse desire to see.

Mike Lewis said...

NPR just declared that the mango is the king of the fruit. I guess that strange pakistani guy at that gas station was right.

Mike Lewis said...

@Kyle - it is. Despite being in Warsaw this weekend I am not going.

I talked to andybear and Scott and they are not going ether. So I see no reason in going.

We all know Colin Nichols is fat. We don't need to see him in real life to make fun of him.

_J_ said...

Things I learned tonight:

When talking to hot psychology grad students, do not start the conversation with, "So, when you're doing your mall surveys..."

Because that just pisses them off.

_J_ said...

"We all know Colin Nichols is fat. We don't need to see him in real life to make fun of him."

Way ahead of you, there.

Roscoe said...

See, J, you totally missed the lesson. You start with the angryin' statement and then bounce the argument back and forth before taking the dive.

That's the opening gambit. You can't just leave it at step one.

MA17 said...

April and I went to the reunion. I recognized a few people and talked to them. It was kind of fun to carry a beer around and chat with people who are all simultaneously realizing that we're practically 30 and the next time we do this we'll be 40.

Also, there were apparently people who couldn't leave the past behind them and who were reverting to the cliques and bullshit of high school and some level of douchebagging resulted. The most evidence of that we saw was from the guy who told us that was going down and from the girl who was crying for some reason. Absurd.