Friday, August 26, 2011

Goldfishing for Depression and Self-Realization

Back in 2007 I made this post of a list of numbers indicating the results of 100 goldfishes of my T1 deck. Kyle then made this post which contained an actual, useful table of those results since I was too fucking stupid to do it myself. That's the backstory.

Half an hour ago I made a neat little spreadsheet of my goldfishing results, because 3:30 in the morning is a good time to learn Excel. I'm posting that information here, because I want to.

Total "games": 216
Average Win Turn: 3.314815

Total wins for each turn:

Turn 1: 6
Turn 2: 58
Turn 3: 71
Turn 4: 51
Turn 5: 17
Turn 6: 6
Turn 7: 2
Turn 8: 3
Turn 9: 2

Now that all the numbers are posted, here is the more interesting question: Which part of this situation is the most depressing / pathetic / awesome?

1) In 4 years I only goldfished 116 additional games.
2) In total I goldfished 216 games.
3) I recorded all of this information.
4) I posted this information on a blog.
5) I posted this information on a blog, at four in the morning.

Check back in 2015, when I shall have the results of 332 "games".

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