Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jellyfish [chat]

It's a Jellyfish tank for jellyfish. Who the fuck wouldn't want pet jellyfish?


Mike Lewis said...

errr...another black sabbath reunion?

Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis said...

shit. that is behind the Browns House.

kylebrown said...

Yeah the house in the background in the picture is ours.

Roscoe said...

Apparently they took out a good chunk of the retaining wall between the properties again.


_J_ said...

That fucking wreck.

Tuesday night the phone rings. I see that mom is calling but don’t answer because, well, I’m raiding. She leaves a voicemail and then four or five minutes later it rings again. Since she’s called twice in five minutes I think it’s urgent, so I answer it, only to hear this:

“Just a sec, J, smoke…fire…(mumble)”

I’ve entered into this conversation thinking that it’s urgent, and the first things I hear are smoke and fire. This concerns me cause I’m thinking the house is burning down and mom called to tell me because, well, that seems like something she’d do.

Then she stops being distracted and starts talking to me, explaining that she sees smoke coming from over where the Browns live and the police scanner is talking about a fire or wreck or something from that area and she tried calling but they aren’t answering. She’s worried that they might be hurt. Now, I don’t hate the Browns, so I’m concerned for their well-being, but given that I’m not a fireman, and am in another state, I’m not sure why this information is relevant to me. Mom explains that she called me to ask for Kyle’s number so she could ask Kyle for his parent’s cell number to call and determine whether or not they are dead. That sort of makes sense. I tell mom that I can hang up and text her the number.

But that isn’t what happens. What happens is that mom says, “oh, I talked to so-and-so today” and launches into this story about talking to someone I don’t know, about a house I’ve never seen, and something about her police buddies.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “You called because you think my friend’s parents may be on fire…and you want me to help you obtain information that can allow you to call them…but you aren’t fucking letting me provide you with said information and, rather, are communicating a completely inconsequential story to me. The fuck is going on?” While she just keeps talking, and my guild buddies are asking me when I’ll be off the phone, and for all I know Kyle and Roscoe’s parents are burning alive.

And in that moment I realize that my childhood being full of shit like this might be one of the reasons I’m so fucked up. Because I’m trying to remedy the “hey, these people might be dead, we need to call them” situation, while mom is talking about some fucking squirrels she saw, or something.

Thinking that people are on fire should grab your fucking attention; that should hold your damn focus. You don’t, “hey, can you give me X’s phone because I think their parents may be dead” and then launch into some story about real estate. You deal with the fire situation, and then you talk about houses or squirrels or whatever.

But that’s not what I get. I get, “hey can you give me a number because their parents may be dead oh by the way I was talking to so-and-so today blab la blibbity bla.”


_J_ said...

"Fire crews extinguished the wide-spread blaze."

I'm glad they included that line.