Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jonathon Coulton - Glasses

Pretty Great.


Mike Lewis said...

Good Morning Tuscon is also really good.

_J_ said...

This song is not about zombies or mountains upon which skulls are crushed.

He's sold out, man. I remember when Coulton was about the music...and zombies...

sflinky said...

i guess that is true - if you have only listened to 3 Thing of the Week songs.

The new album is really good. "Artificial Heart" sounds a bit like a They Might Be Giants song from the late 90s.

The 'album' versions of the two portal songs are both really good. Well worth the $10.

Roscoe said...

J, have you no love for Curling?

For the ways of the Norseman?

or even covers of that chivalrous Knight of the heterogeneous Mixture?

Hell, I'd even take a reference to Future Soon.