Monday, September 19, 2011

Netflix : Streaming :: Qwikster : DVDs

Summary: Providing both DVD and streaming options was really, really complicated for these two guys. So, they decided to divide the services into two different things, to make their lives easier.

Now, you might be wondering if this division is in any way beneficial to consumers.

And to that they say, "Fuck you."


_J_ said...

Probably mostly entirely a marketing decision.

If Netflix continues to do both, then the inevitable collapse of the hard-media market will drag down its name recognition.

But if they seperate the two, then the streaming service can remain untarnished as a brand.

kylebrown said...

No the issue is with licensing costs. The MPAA has more to do with this than any brand name or organizational advantages. Netflix can't just say that because it would cost them even more in the long run than just keeping their mouths shut and paying the price.

Mike Lewis said...

We shouldn't be surprised by this move. Netflix has been talking about ditching discs for a while now.