Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ballad of Occupy Wall Street

Growing somewhat tired of continual arguments with the Occupy Wall Street folk. So, here's a way to summarize my position / critique: How is this not song not an exact instantiation of the Occupy Wall Street fuckhole's position?

Old Version

All we gotta do is
All we gotta do is
All we gotta do is...

Fucking faggoty hippy fucks.

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Roscoe said...

Well... because the song's about the futility of expecting sea-changes from 60's protests..

and the Occupy Wall St. stuff HAS caused some discussionary changes, made a bit of an impact.

If your antagonist's position is pie-in-the-sky fight the power? then sure. it is. But, then, you're not arguing with Occupiers, you're arguing with armchair sympaticos, no? I mean, they're in Carbondale w/ you, right? Not out in Zucotti?