Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember the [chat] of November


_J_ said...

Apologies for the delay. Has some stuffs going on.

_J_ said...

Hulu has been running a lot of anti-meth commercials, and I seem to always get stuck with the story about the mom who ignored her family to spend time doing meth.

Here's my thought:

If you are a child, and your mom prefers doing meth to taking care of you, then maybe you should try to suck less.

Caleb said...

Putting a little effort into being more adorable couldn't hurt, you know.

Roscoe said...

Is it wrong to respond to the delay bit w/ a "C'mon, son!"?

Or just unappreciated?

Roscoe said...

Kim Deal or Kim Pine?

In a battle where there can be no winners, Who Will Win?