Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WoW: Pet Battles

I mentioned to Kyle that WoW will have pet battles in Mists of Panderia, but that little information was available. Information is now available.

Long story short?

It's Pokemon.


_J_ said...

"Some pets will only be found during a specific season, while it's raining, or during the day or the night. For example, some of them will only spawn in the spring, when it's raining, in Elwynn Forest at night!"


kylebrown said...

Must resist the urge to catch them all...

Mike Lewis said...

so....hasnt WoW always just been Pokemon with swords?

Also - we have been talking at work a lot of about Diablo 3 and having a Switchfast/Simple Machines Clan (because they cant fire everyone, can they?)

but the real-money auction house with the best/worst thing ever. It is going to ruin me/the game.

The_Jolly said...

WoW.....just WoW.

I knew WoW would jump the shark eventually, and the panda thing was a short step over that line.

Pokemon pet battles on the other hand just ran by that line faster than a cruise captain fleeing his sinking ship.

Too soon?

kylebrown said...

So..... can I catch this 'shark' you speak of? I bet he could kick that raptor's ass.

_J_ said...

I like the idea of having smaller games within MMOs. Adding Pokeymans to WoW is an increase of content, and that's keen.

Also, I agree with Kyle; the jumped shark pet can totally kick that raptor's ass.