Saturday, March 17, 2012

Community Returns [chat]


Roscoe said...

Query for one Super Mike Lewis -

Do you still hate Superman? And a follow-up, if so, is it the hate of a Luthor or a Darkseid, wherein you respect the figure, but need to see him humbled, ground under your heel, and broken to your will?

Or is it more like one hates Rick Perry, rolls their eyes, and proceeds to mock the subject with regularity?

Mike Lewis said...

Yes, and also Yes

Roscoe said...

.... Do you enjoy Batman? Or Spider-Man? Mario?

Because.. Mario, man. What the hell. A guy starts out just jumping obstacles to stop a monkey from ravishing a poor defenseless suffragette, and suddenly he's at the Olympics, turning into flying raccoons, fighting Dennis Hopper, and running from Bullets with Faces.

What you need is a good dose of Christopher Reeves. Not the whole Donner movie.. just the Chris Reeves as Clark/Superman stuff. Does wonders.

_J_ said...

I think the comparison between Superman and Mario is that Superman seems to have all of his powers at once, whereas Mario can have seemingly any power, but only gets one power at a time.

Or, if we consider "being big" a power, then he can have "being big" and any other power.

But he can't be a ghost bee raccoon.

Roscoe said...

LIES! Mario can have fireballs, a Flying Yoshi steed, and Invincibility all at once!

I don't see anyone that about Doctor Manhattan, who has all of Supes' abilities, functionally, and more...

It's can't be about abilities alone, but tone, usage in context..

...or you end up saying Bruce Wayne is a loser, or Scott Pilgrim is unrelatable or some other such nonsense.

Roscoe said...

I mean, H.E.L.P.e.R. has those abilities. At once if needed. And NO ONE can hate H.E.L.P.e.R.

No one who isn't pure evil, I mean.

_J_ said...

Yoshi isn't a power.

_J_ said...

Pork Loin
Crushed Red Peppers

Place these things in a Crock Pot.
Cover these things with BBQ sauce.

Cook these things for 12 hours on low.


kylebrown said...

I like to think of crockpots as a horadric cube. Put shitty ingredients in, magic happens, then I get full rejuv potions

Roscoe said...

Yoshi is as much a power in Mario terms as Fire Flowers and Tanooki Tails. Would you prefer I said Kuribo's Shoe? Functionally similar, but one can't play Mario Tennis. (It could concievably play Mario Party though.)

It's also perfectly analogous to another thing that I'm sure irks Mikey without cause - Krypto. And Krypto is a Good Boy, yes he is. Oh yes he is..

I dare anyone, ANYONE to read Superman #712 and not have at least one moment of pure joy.

Roscoe said...

Wait.. so.. if I put.. SKULLS in a crock pot?

Roscoe said...

Grr.. not 712.. that's a good Krypto issue.. but.. Superman 680. Dog of Steel.

Shame I can't find any links to a decent review or preview with .. wait.. damn. even Scans_Daily doesn't have a viable one.