Monday, April 2, 2012

The Newsroom Trailer

Of course, the Studio 60 trailer was awesome too.


_J_ said...

Maybe this will be the Studio 60 we always wanted.

Maybe he learned his lesson?

Mike Lewis said...

if by lesson you mean "Leave NBC" - then yes. He learned his lesson.

Caleb said...

I hope that it turns out to be about something we can't guess that it is about.

Roscoe said...

I thought the lesson was "Don't Write a show about Comedy Writing if you can't make it Funny."

I mean.. I'm down, I know I'm a junkie who just needs a fix of soaring rhetoric and tortuous interoffice romance. But that's my slum, and those are my people. Easy pickin's.

Question is will it bring the critical accolades and viewers?

kylebrown said...

So Sports Night with more politics?

_J_ said...

I'd like Sports Night with more politics.

I didn't think the problem with Studio 60 was the lack of funny. The problem was that it got into a tailspin over the romantic relationships, and focused too much on those rather than dealing with the other aspects of the story.