Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie Guillen's Castro Comment: Perspective

Ozzie Guillen, a baseball guy, made some favorable comments about Fidel Castro:

“I love Fidel Castro.” Time reported Guillen as saying in the article. “I respect Fidel Castro, you know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that motherf****r is still here.”

He has been suspended for five games, after his expression of adoration for the Cuban leader pissed off Florida's Cuban community.

This evening on Hardball, Francis Suarez, chairman of the Miami city commission, spoke out about Guillen's comments saying, "It's about the most insulting and incendiary thing someone can say to this community." Suarez said further, "It's basically the worst thing that can be said in this community."

Now, regardless of your feelings for Fidel Castro, I think we can all agree that Suarez was going too far in his condemnation. Saying, "I love Castro" isn't the most appealing thing to Cubans, but is it really the "most insulting" thing he could have said to the Cuban community? Is that really the "worst thing" he could have uttered?

I contend that it is not.

To put Guillen's comments in perspective, let's consider the following comments he could have made about Cubans:

What happens when a Cuban gets a flat tire? He drowns.

What is the Cuban national anthem? Row row row your boat.

Cuban knock knock joke:
*knock knock*
Homeowner: Whose there?
Cuban: qué?
Homeowner: Yes, can I help you?
Cuban: ... qué?
Homeowner: I'm sorry. You knocked on my door. Do you want something?
Cuban: qué?
Homeowner: Um, are you looking for work?
Cuban: qué?

A Cuban walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Get the Fuck outta here u penniless filthy Cuban!"

Why were Adam and Eve like Cubans? Because their only food was fruit, they had no money, and they thought they lived in paradise

A Cuban was stumbling about in a bus station. He had tears running down his face, snot dripping from his nose, and crying like he was in terrible pain. A concerned female employee walked up to him and asked, "Sir, what is wrong? Are you homesick for Mexico?" The Cuban replied, "No, I'm from Cuba." She then said, "Are you homesick for Cuba?" The Cuban replied by letting out a miserable, blubbering cry through his increasing tears. The woman moved closer to comfort him saying, "Sir? What is wrong?" The Cuban finally replied, "I've lost my luggage. The cork fell out of my wine bottle!" And then he raped her, because Cubans are drunken rapists.

How to tell if you're Cuban: You have been in the U.S. for 10 years and still don't speak English.

Why are Cubans worse than Niggers? We brought Niggers here to do the work we didn't want to do, and they actually did it. Cubans floated over here like rats and they won't even lift their lazy fucking asses to contribute!

How many Cubans does it take to put down a toilet seat? No one knows; it's never been done.

Why was Ricky Ricardo the best Cuban? He at least looked white on television.

Now THAT is some insulting shit! "I love Fidel Castro" seems damned respectful in hindsight, doesn't it, Francis?

Which is a really girly name, by the way.


Mike Lewis said...

Some specific notes about Ozzie Guillen.

1) He is terrible at his job, let really great at saying crazy shit. He was the White Sox manager until he was tired with 1 week of the seasons left. A few years ago he said live during a post game press conference "viva hugo chavez." He later said he didnt say it, instead it just looked like he had said it when it was really someone standing behind me.

2) These new comments come 1 week int the new season. Why does that matter? He manages the Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins were, until this season, called the Florida Marlins. Renaming themselves is part of a larger rebranding, along with a new $409 million stadium in the heart of Little Havana.

This new stadium was paid for with tax payer money. It is smaller them their old stadium and no one goes to their games because they are terrible.

So having Ozzie say something when the Marlins are trying to endear themselves to a community that hates them, cant afford tickets to the games, but had to pay for the new stadium, is just kinda bad PR.

You should ask Brian Jolly, a long time White Sox fan, how he feels about this.

_J_ said...

Changing a name from "Florida Marlins" to "Miami Marlins" is a really half-assed rebranding attempt.

They could have at least chosen a different fish.

Mike Lewis said...


I was at least hoping they would but the old logo on the batting helmet of the fish in the new logo.

Because there is nothing people like more than Jean Baudrillard

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