Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo 3 [chat]

It has begun.


_J_ said...

WoW account: Canceled.

Why is it not Tuesday yet?

kylebrown said...


Diablo tomorrow!

_J_ said...

The Koreans have already finished normal mode.

Fucking Koreans.

_J_ said...

Here is a stream of a Korean playing, if you want to watch a Korean play Diablo 3

Fucking cardboard eating bastards.

_J_ said...

The God Damned Korean just beat Nightmare, and started Hell.

_J_ said...

@Kyle: When do you plan to get D3?

_J_ said...

Also that stream is apparently Taiwanese, not Korean.

Huge difference, I know.

kylebrown said...

I have Diablo III installed and updated now but haven't logged in yet. I'll be logging on tonight around 10ish, I think.

I planned on taking tomorrow through Friday off work but someone had to go and turn 40 and go to Las Vegas, causing my vacation to only be approved for Thursday and Friday. As a result, I will only be able to play a bit tonight but will then be marathoning that shit for the next 4.5 days starting Wednesday night.

_J_ said...

This is awesome. I literally just woke up, walked to the front door, opened it, and the UPS person walked up and handed me my Collector's edition.

I had no idea they were there. I just woke up to check, and they happened to be walking up to the door at the same time.

_J_ said...


Woot. transfun/randal shall be up and running by this evening, awaiting your majestic entrance.

Because Randal doesn't need your Diablo 3.

Randal will make his own Diablo 3.

kylebrown said...

Win and win!

_J_ said...

I may have just purchased a 24 inch monitor.

It may be the best thing ever.

Also, servers are down atm for maintenance.

Mike Lewis said...

Have my battle tag. We will see how long it takes to get this game installed.

_J_ said...

The Auction House is amazing.

You say, "I want MF gear."

And it gives you MF gear.

The ONLY down side, is that you can't cancel an item auction once you post it. And you have a max of 10 auctions.

So if you post something stupid, it's stuck there...mocking you.

Mike Lewis said...

another way that blizzard is preventing people from making significant amounts of money using the real money AH.

They have the strike a balance between between giving people a safe place to get gear (ie not ebay) and not become a way for Chinese gangsters from laundering money.

_J_ said...

Dablo ded.

Actually, Dabo ded about an hour ago. I've been on the AH.

Someone posted a goldwrap for 5K, and I missed getting it by that much.