Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Penny Arcade Sells Out

Penny Arcade has a kickstarter.

If they reach $525k, they will remove all advertising from their homepage.

If you give them $15, Gabe will think about you during sex.

Can you really think of a better use for $15?


MA17 said...

I think they sold...in?

Also, remember the donations thing they used to do? Give you a piece of Gabe's middling artwork if you gave them your cashes?

Like this

Mike Lewis said...

I would kickstart this just to get real RSS feeds back.

Mike Lewis said...

Another Kickstarter worth backing. Dan Harmon, Starburns and Charlie Kaufman are making a stop motion movie. $25 gets you a digital copy.

Kickstarter is awesome.

_J_ said...

Daddy, why don't I have a college fund?

Well, daddy doesn't like looking at web adds...and Dan Harmon is kinda funny.

Mike Lewis said...

I have already hit my kickstarter budget for the year.

_J_ said...

Is jewish tithing 10%?

And does giving money to webcomics count as tithing?

Mike Lewis said...

i have not ready Penny-Arcade in years.