Saturday, October 20, 2012

imagine [chat]

My guess is that most people who like this song are unaware of the actual lyrics.

So, fuck you.


kylebrown said...

I adore this song and am mostly aware of lyrics. Am I missing something?

I haven't read them as of posting this as a form of test (be it my failure or success).

Purely off of memory it is a song about pacifism and to a lesser extent atheism/agnosticism, mostly focusing on being responsible for one's own actions, and not having some higher power, be it nationalism or religion, to use a a moral crutch.

Is this the gist or am I missing something?

Caleb said...


Roscoe said...

Debate Night in America - ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?

_J_ said...

@Kyle: Yes, you have the gist of it.

Many people I meet, who say that they like the song, can't possibly like it, given the lyrics.

That grumps me.

_J_ said...

New Diablo 3 Patch:

I'll write a more substantial review sometime this weekend. The short version is: Tis good.

They doubled the legendary drop rate, while also increasing the overall drop rate.

The other night I got three legendaries during an hour and a half of farming.

kylebrown said...

zomg! Goreshovels?