Sunday, December 2, 2012

Diablo 3: I'm Rich, Bitch!


Caleb said...

Is 178,500,000 a lot? How did you decide to sell it for gold instead of dollars?

_J_ said...

When I find something that will sell for significant gold I usually sell it for Blizbucks / Paypal. That's left my gold at a fairly low level. That left me unable to buy item upgrades for gold, since my level was a bit low. I could have sold it for blizbucks, but I'm near the blizbucks cap. So that would have been a hassle.

Instead, I just decided to sell this one for gold in the hopes that someone would buy it and I could see the big number.

178M is...a lot. The vast majority of items (95%+) sell for less than 1M gold. Usually a really really really good find will sell for around 50M.

100M+ is where you head towards "oh my shits" levels.

Caleb said...

I see. So now, you have enough gold to buy the rare Evocation Feud wand? That's totally what I would buy if I just made bank selling some pricey doo-widget I farmed up.