Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filibuster Non-Reform; Fuck Harry Reid

So, Piglet and Squirtle reached a deal on Filibuster reform that does not require the "talking filibuster", and so accomplished fuck-all-nothing.

Yes, they reduced debate time following cloture votes from 30 hours to four, but that is not a talking filibuster, so fuck it.  Also, a "filibuster on the motion would be barred if the majority can find eight members of the minority, including the minority leader, to sign a petition" but this is also not a talking filibuster, so fuuuuck it.

There are a few other changes, but none of those are talking filibusters, either.

Here is a link to Senator Harry Reid's contact page.  I encourage you to drop a note congratulating him for being a dickless, spineless twerp.

Here is the list ofCongress person contact information.  Please encourage your congressperson to get its ass in gear over filibuster reform.

Seriously.  Fuck Harry Reid.

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