Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animal Crossing Best Buy Spotpass Workaround

Players of Animal Crossing: New Leaf can access exclusive content this summer by visiting Best Buy.  If you connect to the Spotpass service within a store, you will download four special items during the following dates:

6/16-6/29    Raccoon Wall-Clock
6/30-7/13    Cat Tower
7/14-7/27    Suitcase
7/28-8/10    Double Neck Guitar

Unfortunately, the majority of Best Buy stores are not participating in this promotion, because "fuck you", and Nintendo will not inform players of an alternative means of obtaining the items, no matter how many times you call them, because, again, "FUCK YOU!"

Luckily, those of us who do not live in "metropolitan areas" can access this content without having to buy plane tickets, or drive to another god damned state.

Step 1:  Change the SSID on your wireless network to "Bestbuy".
Step 2:  Rename your wireless network name within your 3DS wireless settings.

Your Nintendo Zone icon ought to now be shitting itself in anticipation.  If you click the icon and try to access a Nintendo Zone it will not work, but that is alright.

Step 3:  Load Animal Crossing.
Step 4:  Go to the post office.
Step 5:  Talk to Pelly / Phyllis.
Step 6:  Click the 'Ask about a present' option.

If you follow these steps, then you ought to receive an awesome Raccoon Wall-Clock, without having to visit Best Buy!

Enjoy your digital items!

In closing, I would like to say a very special FUCK YOU to Best Buy, and FUCK YOU to Nintendo, for their not informing me of this when I called them today asking if there was a way for me to get these items without having to drive 2+ hours.

I hope the customer service representatives who told me to drive to another state die in a fucking fire.


_J_ said...

I mean, really.

This morning I called every Best Buy within a 1 hour radius, and none of them had a Spotpass Kiosk set up.

So, I called Nintendo. I talked to some very courteous and professional individuals who seemed genuinely concerned with my plight. They asked what stores I had contacted, and listen as I very calmly and nicely explained that I would like the items, but could not easily get to any of the stores in other fucking states, that had Spotpass. They could not help me get the items, but assured me that they would pass along my feedback.

I then called Best Buy corporate, and was passed through a few operators until getting someone in promotions. She told me that these promotions are handled by the local managers, not a top-down policy, and said I should contact the manager of my local Best Buy.

Of course, I then drive to my local Best Buy, since the managers were "in a meeting" when I called, and the very nice manager informed me that only "Metro" stores carry the Spotpass, and it was impossible for her to get the service.

After all of that? Some dudes on a gaming forum told me about this workaround. Because, of course, the motherfucker at Nintendo can't just say, "yeah, change your SSID name" because that would have solved the god damned problem. And they can't put, "or change your SSID name" in the fliers and promotional materials because, well, FUCK YOU, consumer!

But I have my clock, and I have a means of obtaining my Cat Tower, so all is right with the world.

The thing that gets me? I thought the guy at Nintendo gave a shit, and actually was attempting to help me. He had to know that Spotpass content just triggers off SSID names; he works for fucking Nintendo.

"Unfortunately, you will need to travel to one of the other Best Buys. Oh, they are 2 hours away in another state? I am sorry to hear that.


Caleb said...

Point for J!

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