Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flagship Studios: DEAD

Since for many people EOIAS is little more than "that blog with the Hellgate London Online Skill Tree post", as evidenced by our google analytics report, I thought it sensible to delight in a bit of schadenfreude with our Online Skill Tree seekers over Flagship Studios sinking like a piece of dense, fiberous shit. While we don't know exactly what will happen we do know that:

In summary, Flagship's well is dry, all intellectual property has been lost, all staff fired, and the studio closed. It truly is the end of the line.
I'm sure that some will argue that Flagship's candle going out will not make Blizzard's burn all the brighter. Certainly many will argue that we oughtn't delight over the lives being wrecked by a company ceasing to exist and their jobs being lost.

But as someone who enjoys WoW and mostly hates Hellgate London and its fans I think it poetic fucking justice that Flagship Studios crawled into a hole and died after releasing, if this news is any indication, an incredibly shitty game which no one fucking played.

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