Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think I want to buy this..

.. but I fear for my very soul.

Song Summoner

it's.. well.. it's.. RIPE for humor and for being lost in. Soldiers made outta the Front and Coulton? Zappa? A Strat rpg that I can play through my coat?


Madness, I tells ya.


Roscoe said...

Okay.. I'm getting this.

damnit. I wanted to hold off, consider it some..

but I've got a rictus grin at the idea of it that just won't go away.

My jaw hurts.

_J_ said...

I'm going to fucking kill you with my mind.

Roscoe said...

Mind bullets can't touch me.

Not when the game is about Robots vs. Peoples, and I can play The Touch to create a unit.

Roscoe said...

RIFE with potential, I say!

_J_ said...

You can obviously tell what I'm going for with post titles and then you blatantly ignore it.

The post is about your desire to purchase "Song Summoner". So you fucking put SONG SUMMONER in the title of the post, so that googlers for Song Summoner find the post in their google results.

And then you include the notion of wanting to buy it, so you title it "reasons to buy Song Summoner" or "Song Summoner: Compulsion to buy".

But NOOOOO you have to Bashcraft it up by making the title inane and meaningless, completely estranged from the topic of conversation.

And THEN to top it all off you do that call and response bullshit. Of "Zomg title..." "...omg reply lawlz!"

Butt-Fuckery that shit pisses me off.

Roscoe said...

Man, what was the point of this in the beginning?

to get around your work filter, right? To chat and share the things we find. Precisely what I've done. don't bitch at me becuase you decided the goal posts should be changed.

I don't put fucking Song Summoner in the title, becuase the whole POST shows up on the blog. Becuase there are TAGS that tell you what the post is about, which is where your title bullshit belongs.

I title things as they strike me. I'm not listing reasons to buy Song Summoner, and I'm not talking about my compulsion to buy it. I'm posting about it to show it to others. That doesn't require a indepth title, and giving it one certainly creates expectations of more than what will be given.

Do me a favor and get over yourself. You've been the primary poster of the blog, due to work issues, and that's gone to your head. It's no more yours than it is mine, and you need to back the hell down on this.

_J_ said...

And that game sounds HELLA interesting.

My army of Miko Miko Nurses will defeat you!!!!

Roscoe said...

This is what I'm saying. Your filthy pair of T.a.T.u. assassains?

one of the better jokes going around is that the Konami code equivalent is playing "One Winged Angel"

_J_ said...

Does a person design their own characters from their own songs, or are there stock characters and one has to buy the songs through iTunes which compliment those characters?

_J_ said...

Internet says that players make characters from their songs...

I wonder how it works. Will Unknown Artist Track 10 be more powerful than Unknown Artist Track 11?

Hmm...will be neat to see how it works.

Roscoe said...

I suspect it will read off the music somehow and not the file name.. but.. who knows....?

_J_ said...

Do class stats have anything to do with the song? Will a trebel intensive song create a healing intensive character, or a bass intensive song create a black character?

Or is the music component just aesthetics to what is an overall general strategy RPG which could be replicated by, say, just playing FFT on a handheld?

Roscoe said...

I haven't a clue, but for 5 dollars? I'll pony up.

Note... having had the experience of playing FFT on a handheld, I don't know that I'd pony up for it again.

christ forsaken tactics advanced.

_J_ said...

If you combine that $5 with two more $5? You could play WoW for a month.

Roscoe said...

this is some sort of misguided vengence, isn't it?

_J_ said...

At first glance the game seemed neat. But then I read about it, and thought about it, and realized that it's just a stupid gimick; a vanilla strategy RPG with a few sprinkles of interraction between the game and the device on which it is played.

There's nothing GWARish about a character in the game created from a GWAR song. It's just default character Q with "GWAR" in its name.

It's one of those marketing things which bugs the shit out of me. If they released this for the DS? It would just be a generic strategy RPG which you wouldn't play just like you haven't played all those other generic strategy RPGs. But give the illusion of an interraction between the game and music you enjoy, convince people that something novel is happening? And zomg look at the $5 roll in.

There wouldn't be T.a.T.u. assassins which were actually reflective of the characteristics of T.a.T.u. At best? There would be two female characters that get a powerup when listening to a T.a.T.u. song.

It's stupid in the same way the Wii is stupid: Prolonged milking of a ridiculous gimick.

Nevermind the obvious problem of trying to play a strategy RPG using only one button.

kylebrown said...

There is a fine line between gimmick and innovation...

_J_ said...

"There are 50 characters that can be generated, each of which falls into one of five job classes: Soldier, Monk, Archer, Knight, and Mage."

Yeah. So Zappa won't fight Coulton. Generic X/50 Monk will fight Generic Z/50 Archer...but when you listen to a zappa song the X/50 Monk goes up a level.


_J_ said...

"There is a fine line between gimmick and innovation..."

The only innovation I can see is that it allows character leveling through listening to songs. Which, if that is a literal explanation, simply means that you leave your iPod on repeat all night and then win the game in the morning.

I doubt it would work that way, though. There would probably be some limitation to prevent that sort of grinding.

Roscoe said...

looks like there IS that innovation.. in that characters only have somethign like 4 levels.. and they have a limited number of uses..

which means you're constantly refueling your army with song-men.

Yeah.. it's no where as neat as it originally sounded.. but.. for a 5 min time waster, for a fivespot?

Still sounds worth it.. and.. some of the ideas could be developed further.. it's a toe-in-the-water..

It's both hella lame, and hella neat, in it's way.

_J_ said...

I want someone to play it and report what happens. Because right now it has less of an explanation of Monster Hunter, which I did not think possible.

Roscoe said...

I will soonish.. once my damned held up paycheck comes and I can aquire a new transfer cable.