Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Community with Joel McHale and Chevy Chase

Here is a 4min trailer for the New NBC sitcom "Community"


_J_ said...

Another show for NBC to piss down its leg.

MA17 said...

Joel McHale might be the best thing to happen to E! since John Henson (what would even come in second place?), but I don't know about this thing.

Laugh tracks expose a distrust of the audience's ability to detect a joke, and explaining the joke does the same exact thing. Do a Breakfast Club thing and move on, don't take a break to catch everyone up on what's going on.

Guy who blurts out offensive things as though he knows they are offensive but doesn't care? Thanks, Chevy Chase. That character will continue to be funny even after you run out of National Lampoons money and have to crawl back to TV.

I'm on board for the premise, but this execution is questionable.