Monday, May 11, 2009

Lockjaw Preview

There is a 12-page preview up of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers.


MA17 said...

Wow, so that frog was actually a black dude named Simon Walterson (hah!) this whole time.

You win this round, Marvel continuity.

MA17 said...

Also, if we all just wait patiently, we too will one day wield fucking Mjolnir.

Whosever, if he be nearby etc.

Roscoe said...

See, man, I knew YOU'D understand the pure beauty of this concept.

Beginning w/ the most obvious plot beat in the world - Lockjaw eats an Infinity Gem.

Roscoe said...

... so.. I was looking for info on Frog - Thor, to slap down an uppity roommate....

and.. well.. the Puddlegulp bit.. is in the original Simonson...

Dunno about the spoonerism of his original form.. but he WAS a cursed dude... similarly, never quite knew he took up his own duties, protecting Froggard.

MA17 said...

I thought that he was in there, but I couldn't remember much about him.

Pretty certain the arc ended with Thor leaving the fate of the frogs in his Puddlegulp's hands, but I don't recall that entirely either.

MA17 said...

Ok, Thor leaves the frogs with their princess in charge, and Puddlegulp and Thor talk for a bit about how PG used to be a man, cursed by fortune teller, liked football.

Egads, that's a bit more specific than I thought it would be.

MA17 said...

No indication what his man-name is, it seems.

Roscoe said...

Simon Walterson is as good as any, I think.

_J_ said...

I made it to page 8 and then the sheer shittyness of the writing made me want to die.

Roscoe said...

You have no love in your soul, man.

No Love.

_J_ said...

My wife has super powers.

My husband, as well, has super powers, too.

I am Reid Richards. I need your super powers.

I am a dog. Rocks are for nom.

I am a frog. I defend things.

Shitty. Fucking. Writing.

Roscoe said...


You don't give Lockjaw shit.

You just don't DO it.

Ben GRIMM doesn't do it.

If BENJI don't do it, YOU don't do it.

Dog's bigger'n Wolverine and wider'n Fred Dukes. WITH a motherfucking tuning fork in his head.

I know all about you and your Dog-dismissing ways, thinking you could all outfight it.. but.. this dog's built like an ox, man.

And teleports. He's a Good Dog, Lockjaw is.