Saturday, August 15, 2009

Australian [chat] Party

The best argument for a multi-party system: The Australian Sex Party

I would vote for them


_J_ said...

God damn it. I had an awesome [chat] all lined up.

/shakes fist

_J_ said...

I contend that this would have been a far better [chat].

Mike Lewis said...

that is what happens when you wait. besides - it was my turn to post a chat thread

kylebrown said...

Have you not seen the movie?

_J_ said...

I have not seen teh movie.

_J_ said...

I made an alliance alt on another server to play with some people from D&D.

I fear this may be a trap.

Roscoe said...

Brutal Legend has an awesome soundtrack.

It includes Mermaider

This is all.

Wait. I take that back. Diamond Head, also.

None More Metal.

_J_ said...

Mind Blown

_J_ said...

Einstein explains Druids

_J_ said...

Cat DPS Spreadsheet

I enjoy druid forums.

_J_ said...

The Daily Show clips from 2008 no longer function. They must have changed the (something).

_J_ said...

Today's YAD is pretty great.

But I like anything which utilizes "Marquis of Queensbury rules".

Roscoe said...

that was a really good line, too

Roscoe said...

_J_ said...

If you're not with me...then you're my enemy.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes!

Are you absolutely sure?

_J_ said...

When a news story says "Obama blasts critics" I wonder what they take "blasts" to mean.

_J_ said...

The Greatest One Piece AMV, ever

_J_ said...

Ozzy Osbourne: Live on Stage at BlizzCon

What's your fucking game?

Caleb said...

It would be kind of neat if the Leave your comment box was one of those float in browser widgets, so that as one scrolls and decides to leave a comment one can do so without scrolling back to the top.

_J_ said...

Did someone change how comment boxes work on the blog? Instead of the seperate page of comments without the post I'm now seeing the post and a long list of comments.

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