Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Night you Drunk Lion

Ted Kennedy, dead at at 77. Normally we here at Everyone is a Sith, we like to mock the dead. But I can't really think of any way to make fun of Senator Kennedy. So, everyone drink a fifth of whiskey.


kylebrown said...

Been a rough month for the Kennedy family.

_J_ said...

Remember when a "rough month" for the Kennedy family was simply indicative of their style of fornication for one lunar cycle?

_J_ said...

I hope Obama does not fuck this up.

My guess is that Kenney would want Obama to use Kennedy's death to pass this health care thing.

_J_ said...

The PA forums are adept as summarizing these sorts of things:

"Brain tumor finishes what scotch and a river couldn't"

Roscoe said...

I dunno, J. There's plenty of room for this to fuck up, w/out Obama doing anything wrong.

I agree w/ your guess.. but.. well. It could be a narrow needle to thread if parts of the media decide to go a different way.