Monday, August 24, 2009

WoW Cataclysm Blizzcon Trailer

The trailer, at least, is compelling. The manner in which they redesigned old world content is pretty damned neat. I like the before/after shot of the Barrens. When they said "split the barrens in half" they meant it.


_J_ said...


That line is for lol.

kylebrown said...

Honestly, that could easily be the worst blizzard trailer I have seen. It was basically a checklist of things new to WoW: Cataclysm. I prefer the storycentric trailers.

_J_ said...

I agree that the trailer was pretty crap-tastic. But if you think back to WOTLK there was a shitty trailer akin to this (if I remember correctly) before the actual cinematic trailer came out.

kylebrown said...

I only remember the cinematic trailer. Perhaps I blocked the checklist trailer from my memory?

Caleb said...

I started this the second after the voice over started. UGH.

"the terrible war"
Not the terrors of war; not war the results of which are terrible; not war which is terrible; but, the terrible war.

"there can be no peace"
Not even in the hearts of tiny infants steadily rocked in handcrafted cradles as they sleep.

"devoured by rage"
Rage got some serious yen to Nom yonder landscape.

Anybody remember ever coming across that Penn State student's webpage with the SGC2C characters morphing into NIN bandmate gifs that seemed to be in the top 5 no matter what you searched for on Yahoo! back in the day? Those were some transformations.

"churns endlessly"
As though apprentice magician Mikey Mouse has gotten ahold of some Amish person's butter machine.

"islanders driven from their homes": many drown.

"has been shattered... ... ... Yet"

"teeters on the brink"
Say, that sounds dirty.

"boldly into the bastions of antiquity"
That sounds grandma dirty.

_J_ said...

Exactly, Caleb.


Roscoe said...

...... Dammnit.

Caleb, I'm not used to anyone other than MA17 rockin' the Coast to Coast references.

Don't shake my little world so hard, dude. It's fragile.

By the way, you've heard about "Death Comes to Town", yes?