Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little something for Mikey


_J_ said...

I love this chart.

Also, you motherfuckers need to learn how to name posts.

Roscoe said...

Oh? What would you prefer?

Was this NOT little? Not for Mikey?

It CERTAINLY was something.

So, then, where have I gone astray?

_J_ said...

Player A: "Man, I want to find that chart of Total Eclipse of the heart.

Player B: "That was on the blog! Just get on there and search for it."

Player A: "Man, I've searched for all combinations of total eclipse of the heart + chart. Nothing comes up!"

Player B: "Must not be on the blog."

Roscoe said...

Wait. Are you shitting me...?

You're bitching about being unable to find it... On.. The.. Blog.

When it now exists, in perpetuity, on Google Image.

You're giving ME shit.. for naming this as such.. because it doesn't jive w/ your previously-unexpressed blog-raison d'etre: to find shared things later... when you name MSNBC videos things like Democrats remove Head From Asses.

Great title, but.. Is it really going to help you find Barney Frank eviscerating a Larouche Democrat loon in the future?

Methinks you're just cranky and possibly inconsistent w/ your own structuring.

Also, screw Player B for doubting himself. Never back down, never surrender. Ideal Player B would know to simply call Player A dismissive names. Shyah. Really.

kylebrown said...

I'm fairly certain this is why we have tags.

Roscoe said...

I'm fairly certain you're not my mom, and therefore, can't tell me what to do.

_J_ said...

The music video makes no sense.

Why are there ninjas?

kylebrown said...

Obviously because ninjas make everything better.

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