Saturday, August 6, 2011

[chat] Ceiling: The Redeadlinening

So, who is going to ensure that octogenarian Tea Partiers get their not-at-all-Socialist Social Security checks after the August 2nd deadline is not reached and the U.S. pulls a Rome, collapsing under the might of its own awesomeness?


Mike Lewis said...

@adam (from last weeks chat thread): worst.

Roscoe said...

Which way to Byzantium? Wait, what? I can't go back?

_J_ said...

I didn't know there would be drama. Well, now I regret not going to the reunion.

Roscoe said...

Can I just say... for all its faults, I love me some AV Club Undercover.

_J_ said...

It's weird. We have content this week.

Roscoe said...

Technically, this ought to be a Facebook status, but.. the proper audience.. mostly ain't there.. so..:

Ancient Spirits of Latency - transform this Druidic Failure into SMOKEY! THE ETERNAL LAGWELL!

::cue ravens and stuttering screens::

Caleb said...


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