Friday, March 30, 2012

Keith Olbermann Fired Again

Olbermann Got Fired, Again

Maybe he should stop doing the things people fire him for.



Mike Lewis said...


Roscoe said...

This has been brewing for a while.. and..

.. I'unno... Spitzer? Really?

Seems to me like a death knell for Current's new focus, but.. maybe I'm over-valuing Keith as their anchor.

Roscoe said...

Man is eventually going to drift back towards Sports.

Not because he's best served there, but because it's easier to avoid offense there.

Roscoe said...

..... and...... seeing all this in a Wine Buzz... and post-Brick watching high..

... the Current press release in that link? BS-ish, in that.. you know... prior to snagging KO, it was showing Brick, and haphazard doc blocks hosted by James Roday & Dule Hill to pimp the new season of Psych.

Working my way through the response and what not.. and.. making a nuisance of myself regarding comics w/ others.. so.. likely more posts... but.. yeh