Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I don't think PC Makers Understand Computers

The screen grab below is of a women caring her new 27" Lenovo tablet around her house. Maybe I am old fashion, but that seems pretty impractical.

Edit: Here is the video. You can see the lady lugging it around the house around the 50sec mark.


_J_ said...

"The screen is the size of eight iPads stitched together, and it weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms)."

It's a desktop tablet.

_J_ said...

Looking at a few reviews, it seems that this would be good for:

- Playing a miniatures game.

- Spilling things on.

- Breaking.

The dice they made for it seem cool...I guess. Hardcore miniature players may like this for...something.

This is like most gigantic touchscreens: I'm not sure what problem it solves.

Unknown said...

That's not from the onion?

Caleb said...

^^Keep doing that.

Kyle Brown said...

I agree with Caleb, I assumed it was a joke when I first glanced at that image.

Mike Lewis said...

This is from an accentual promo video.