Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nvidia Shield [chat]

Nvidia Shield announced at CES press conference.

I vote "yes".


_J_ said...

I like the idea of a non-sony non-nintendo hanheld.

I also like the idea of Nvidia finding ways to make more money.

This thing seems double plus good to me.

Mike Lewis said...


Do i wish nintendo would grow up and release pokemon for the iphone? Yes.

Am i going to carry another thing around with me all day to play games when i have my phone? no.

_J_ said...

That's what bookbags are for.

Roscoe said...

But... aren't those the designs of E
3DS peripherals you mocked at Fry's?

_J_ said...

Not really, no.

_J_ said...

"In addition to running its own Android games, the Shield can also stream games from your PC to the controller, where you can either play them direct on the small screen or, more practically, output to your TV."

If this does Diablo 3 and WoW?

Then woot.