Saturday, July 26, 2008

Subprime [chat]

Two cranky old British guys explain the subprime mortgage crisis. It is only slightly less informative than this.


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MA17 said...

Continuing the Sandcrawler thing from last chat:

Not going to lie to you. The design is fucking awesome. Every single new ship I have encountered in the new boosters are better engineered and executed than nearly ANYTHING that appeared in the initial release.

The main difference is that they don't seem to tolerate flat surfaces quite like they did in the first set. Take something like the TIE Fighter, it consists of a cockpit piece onto which two flat wings are placed, and that is pretty reasonable for a common craft which is not particularly complicated in its original design. The new ships, however, strive to put a bit of depth into the places where depth is appropriate, and if the TIEs had been introduced in these sets, the cockpits would have consisted of three pieces which would be sandwiched together and then fitted into the wings to simulate the round shape that is otherwise flat in its current incarnation.

The sandcrawler, for example, could easily sit on two flat pieces that represent the tank treads on which it movies, but instead it's made of four pieces for the four treads. Luke's landspeeder is similar in that it's made of three pieces stacked on each other to create the body of the speeder to simulate the depth of the body. I appreciate what they are doing.

_J_ said...

This week's episode of Venture Brothers is the god damned best fucking episode of Venture Brothers ever!


It addresses the things we hate, and fixes them, and then provides AWESOME!

I think The Monarch is the only being, fictional or non, who truly understands hate.

_J_ said...

That's an awesome design choice.

From what you're saying they seem to have found a happy middle ground between the first set and that shitty Hoth one. The Hoth set we saw at Gen Con tried to do too much and many of the designs easily resulted in broken pieces.

I'm glad that they seem to have found, from what you're saying, a way to design ships that isn't boring or not functional.

Now the question becomes have the balanced out the game so that it's more than just "Destroy Objectives"?

MA17 said...

I got Jabba's Palace, a rare objective with 8 defense that gets +7 defense when a friendly five-star unit is in the home zone. I approve.

As for complicated ships, Scum & Villainy is guilty of this to some extent. There are parts that are about as big as a newborn's fingernail, and they've added veteran ships that change their stats following their first kill (flip the base over for new stats). The parts thing I'm pretty ok with since I'm not four years old, though I do admit that I don't enjoy the idea of losing microscopic pieces. The veteran thing, I don't know. I'm not really playing the game, so I guess I can't say anything about how they work in play, but I basically dislike the idea.

Roscoe said...

The hoth designs were good.. but they were screwed by a plastic switch that got them at the worst moment.

Remember how I had that one that the designer himself couldn't fix?

there were probably a bit too many fiddly small bits that go one way and not the other.. but.

Roscoe said...

Can I just say, continuing from the last chat-

Adam = Right


Jay = The new bearer of Mikey's Stick , Plucked from the Primal Mud?

_J_ said...

"Remember how I had that one that the designer himself couldn't fix?"

That was a telling moment. We're at Gencon. The person who designed the ships was trying to assemble one...and he could not.

I like the game. I don't like hauling minatures around. I also sort of hate spending money in the bulk required for such a game.

Mostly, though, I hate that I can't protect my investment. With Magic: The Gathering a player can wrap their cards in plastic and still play with them. Not so much with the ships in the starwars game.

I managed to assemble a full collection of the season 1 ships still in their packages. And while I felt a sense of I just have a bunch of plastic cards in plastic bags sitting in a rubbermaid. I can't use them. I can't even really look at them due to the way they are packaging. I just know that I have a full set and they're sitting there unused.

That component of the game is what will keep me from seriously putting effort/money into it again. Unless I stumble upon an unforeseen fortune and can't think of any other uses for the funds.

_J_ said...

I need to figure out what the hell is wrong with my laptop's video card.

What happens is that the screen fades pixel by pixel to white. And it's not sequential but it just randomly fades to white, and then will start to display faded blue or red lines while again fading to white.

Sometimes it happens while WoW is running. Sometimes I'm just running IE. My external fan is always running so I don't think it is a heat issue.

The weirdest part? It just happened and out of curiosity I hooked my LCD monitor up to my laptop, switched the output over to external monitor, and then both the external monitor and my laptop screen correctly displayed the desktop. When I unplugged the lcd monitor the laptop monitor kept correctly displaying.

Which is...I don't know what.

Any ideas? It may just be the video card slowly dying...but if it was that why would hooking up the external monitor fix it?

_J_ said...

It's done it 3 times in the past 15 minutes. Now that I know about the monitor thing I can just switch monitor views and that will fix it...

But I would still like to know why it's doing this.

I may end up just dropping $1,500 on a new computer before grad school. I don't want to keep dicking around with this monitor issue and I really don't want to have to write all of my papers on a laptop.

Caleb said...

Never go in against a Sicilian when debt is on the line!

Roscoe said...

Judges? Can we get a ruling on that Geek Ref Replacement Pun?

Is this a bold manuver, or is it prohibited by laws of Decency and Decorum?

Roscoe said...

in Other News:

Gods Damn your alternative schedules.

Having read J's Joker post... after having you know.. watched it with him, and not really going into that..

I need to debate and bullshit, square the circle, so to speak.

and allsayalls is alls hellsa sleep.

_J_ said...

Thinking back on Dark Knight I'm really irritated by directors who forget that they can move the damn camera.

Roscoe said...


_J_ said...

I'm irritated that during the fight scenes rather than focus in on the action they kept the camera back. So when Batman does something intricate or deploys the bat-brass-knuckles it's lost in the "dark guy punching dark guy in the dark" crapfest.

That and a lot of the scenes were poorly shot given that they could have had better angles or camera movement.

The scene when Joker goes to talk to the crime bosses and opens his coat? It's very poorly shot.

1) Shot of Joker opening coat
2) Shot of people backing away
3) Shot of Joker with open coat.


There's a way to shoot that scene far more organically and make it more than just editing together three shots of something happens, reaction, back to what happened.

It works, and it's acceptable. But it's lazy. And, yes, if one scene is shot that way then all of them have to be, lest that one scene be jarring, but, again, that's just more lazyness on the part of the editor and director.

_J_ said...

Also, when did "Ask _J_ if he saw the movie" become an accepted method of argument?

It's happened before and I didn't care. But there are two of them today. And we have more movie content than in the past so that could be the reason...but it was somewhat jarring to read through today's posts and see two of them.

Admitedly, I like talking about movies I haven't seen. But it's interesting that people would latch onto that rather than simply address the points directly and not care whether or not I'd seen the movie, as if watching movies is at all required.

Roscoe said...

The ones before, I'm pretty sure were me.

Specifically, Hellboy 2, and Pre-Sunday Batman Begins.

It's probably worth noting, though, that you've taken on a lot of fairly faulty arguments lately, without having seen the material.

As for the filming of shots, that seems pretty similar to the intercutting of multiple scenes, which in both cases, built a lot of tension.

_J_ said...

"It's probably worth noting, though, that you've taken on a lot of fairly faulty arguments lately, without having seen the material."

When one first turns on the faucet after not using it the first thing to come out is a bunch of cruddy brown shit.

kylebrown said...

I took that stance because you said, and I quote, "It's like your example of the Kill Bill films. The Story controlled the action in those films and the action complimented the story."

and it honestly made me wonder if you had seen the first Kill Bill, which is essentially 3 long fight scenes broken up by flashbacks of either a wedding massacre or the origin of o-ren which is by no means inaction.

_J_ said...

I've seen the first kill bill a few times. It's freaking awesome.

I think there is plenty of material there besides the fight scenes. I think her "pursuit of the sword" story is probably the best thing to come from the series overall. Sonny Chiba made the first movie.

Even the over-the-top action scenes in Kill Bill, though, help tell the story and build the characters. When she fights Vernita Green? The fight builds those characters, explains their relationship. The gigantic sword fight isn't just an orgasmic sword fest. It's development. It shows how the character of Vernita Green differs from O-Ren Ishii.

Each of the fights is unique since the fights compliment the characters. It's not like the damned Hellboy punchfests where they're using fire because the enemy is immune to ice. Kill Bill uses those fights to build the story, explain the characters, and flesh out the relationships between them.

Roscoe said...

.... Are you saying you've forgotten how to argue well?

or are you making an arcane comment on me?

I can see it going either way.

Oh, for fuck's sake. You're just throwing monkey scat now. If it's a Hellboy PUNCH fest, then there's no use of fire against weaknesses, it's all PUNCHING. The fire thing isn't used against any weaknesses, either, it's Liz losing herself to her own inner freak.

Seriously, you've lost yourself in petulance.

kylebrown said...

I contend that the battles in hellboy, especially hellboy 2, flesh out the characters just as much as those in Kill Bill.

_J_ said...

In case you missed it, it is Obama's fault that we have high gas prices.

Now you know.

fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck

_J_ said...

On MSNBC while I was on lunch someone said, "Timelines are a definite line in the sand"

Isn't the point of the "line in the sand" expression that such a line is NOT definite?

Roscoe said...

.. no.. the line in the sand is definate.

It's the Man Phrase for crossing the Rubicon.

it's part dare, part breaking point.

Pure Cowboy/Eastwood.

kylebrown said...

I always understood the 'line in the sand' as a definitive threshold.

_J_ said...

Last night on the Travel Channel they were showing a special on a tribe in the middle of somewhere who live in grass huts and make their own everything from combinations of both mud and...mud.

Here is a story about people who pay money to have fish eat the dead skin off their feet before they receive pedicures.


_J_ said...


I thought "written in stone" was definite but "line in the sand" was more focused on the ability to redraw the line's sand.


kylebrown said...

They are both definitive. 'Written in stone' relates to rules and their inability to change, where as a 'line in the sand' relates to a threshold that was once undefined, but has now been done.

_J_ said...

That's so weird. I always thought the focus was on the sand and its ability to be changed by even a light breeze.

I hate idioms. They're so confusing to my brain.

kylebrown said...

Normally it references a situation that has been pushed a breaking point, a line in the sand is drawn to denote those that cross it.

Often times a line is drawn when deciding who is with and/or against a person. "Cross this line if you are with me, but know that once you cross this line there is no turning back."

I think the most important thing to know about it, is that it defines the previously undefined.

_J_ said...

Sort of belies how arbitrary those lines are.

_J_ said...

Guy at work: "Jay, are you going to write a book about this place?"

Jay: "When I write my memoirs this will be the character building funny part, the ditch digging section. Everyone needs to dig a ditch. This was my ditch."


_J_ said...

Batman Begins was on FX last night.

It's...kind of better knowing where it goes. But I still didn't like the movie.

Roscoe said...


_J_ said...

I still don't understand your hatred of the batmobile.

It makes sense in the first movie.

Roscoe said...

It really doesn't, though. It's absurdly wide, which doesn't fit the somewhat confined nature of Gotham Freeways over Water that the movie portrays.

It also creates a much more.. Vehicular Batman.. and this is something I vacilate on. Because Batman has always had his wealth of toys. But at the same time.. he's not much of a Vehicular Set Piece guy. My Ur-Batman is more rooftops and ledges, less ATV.

The visual tone of the Bat-tumbler doesn't quite sit right with me, and the rockets, guns, etc. sit worse. I know they're used to clear debris, but.. they stand out as GUNS, as Artilery, not tools....

I dunno. It's just never sat well with me. especially the shifting-to-prone cockpit targeting mode.

Roscoe said...

Why do you trigger my Devil's Advocate reflex?

I mean.. beyond our actual disagreements?

By Crom, you can say things I don't care about in the slightest, and I'll feel a burning need to see you crushed, driven before me, and hear the lamentations of your WoW guild.

_J_ said...

Yeah...there is that duality of Batman as detective lurking and Batman as driving a tank.

I'll say that it works and fits with the first movie...which isn't a compliment. The tank bat mobile is just another nugget of corn in the wretched shitfest that is Batman Begins.

Why didn't he bring back the "i r a summoning Druid. I cans calls bats" in Dark Knight? That's something I missed before.

_J_ said...

"Why do you trigger my Devil's Advocate reflex?"

It's fun.

Roscoe said...

Because he needed to move faster, and those bats? Literal well of lag.

It's why he went with new armor, too. mobility and lack of lag.

and.. no.. I mean.. yeah.. you purposely prod it into action.. But even when you don't. You can say something that's an undisputable fact, and I'm off and running.

I think you give off semiotic attack memes.

_J_ said...

Last night we ran a raid...and it SUCKED.

We didn't have the people for a Tier 6 instance, so we ran a Tier 5 instance. We don't have a paladin tank anymore so we had a retnoob with faux-tanking gear attempt the AOE pulls. About half of our DPS classes were under 500 DPS (I average over 1,000). Our healers sucked. People were grumpy.

Unless something significant changes I think I'll not be raiding once I get to grad school. Which is AWESOME because that's what this whole project was meant to do in the first place.

_J_ said...

There is no such thing as a meme.

Batman's greatest enemy is lag. Lag and clipping issues.

_J_ said...

If you want a new Wavebird buy it now before they are banned.

Jane Wells has a stupid kid.

Roscoe said...

Clipping issues are why he changed the headpiece. He wanted to turn his head. Without Clipping at the Shoulder.

And obviously memes aren't THINGS. or the tinfoil would keep them out. So stop SENDING them out at me.

_J_ said...


Someone who worked here in the past came in and was looking for my boss. While here he told me that he needed to use me at some point in the future. He's working on a book in which this anti-christian, anti-society guy reaches this peak of frustration with the world and unleashes this mad rant against everything which results in everyone but himself ceasing to exist.

When he was playing the concept out in his mind he apparently thought, "I need Jay to write the rant."

So at some point in the future he's going to give me an outline of the character and have me write a long rant for him to go on that ends with everyone but himselve ceasing to exist.

Mad me laugh.

kylebrown said...

"Note that the ban does not affect the Wii remote or nunchuck controllers - just the standard controllers that include analog sticks."

Do I have some sort of misconception as to what an analog stick is, or am I missing something here?

Roscoe said...

it might affect the fact that the 'Chuck plugs into the Wiimote? Which lets it skate by as an accessory to the allready Legit 'mote?

I.E. the "He's Wit Me, Let 'im In" type thing, hereby know as The In Da Club defense?

Roscoe said...

wait, WHAT?

I just hit Kotaku to skim for interesting news..

and the Classic is hit but not the 'Chuk?

I is confused

_J_ said...

I don't think the "analog sticks" are what the mess is about. It's just an identifying feature of the wavebird things.

Though, I can't think of a gamecube controller which does not have an analog stick.

kylebrown said...

after reading the links, it appears the heart of the matter is the layout, vibration, and use of an analog stick. This surprises me because the N64 had two of the three, where the layout seemed an intuitive direction for the next gen controller, outside of the giant A button, which MS didn't have but was also sued for the same patent infringement, on their controllers, so label me confused.

Roscoe said...

.... Donkey Kongas.


Did I read the linked material correctly and the 'chuk IS a problem, or not? it's unclear to me.

_J_ said...

Patents are for confusing.

Roscoe said...

Patents are for moneymaking and bullying!

kylebrown said...

chuck isn't a problem because the analog stick is on a separate piece of hardware as that contains the vibration, from what I can tell.

_J_ said...

I was watching O'Reilly last night. He went off on Daily Kos for being evil as a result of the readers of Daily Kos making mean comments about Tony Snow's death. But then he somehow linked Al Gore to Daily Kos, and said that Al Gore was evil because Daily Kos was evil.

I didn't exactly follow his rogic. But O'Reilly did have two people on who totally agreed with him.

So Daily Kos is evil. Al Gore is evil because Daily Kos is evil. And...something.

Roscoe said...

Transitive Property of Evil.

_J_ said...

I think the link was that Al Gore spoke at a panel the guy from Daily Kos attended.

And what was weird is that O'Reilly said that he guessed Al Gore hadn't read Daily Kos and didn't know the mean things they wrote about Tony Snow.

But that did not matter. Al Gore still ought to have known taht Daily Kos said mean things.

I want to find the clip and embed it. Because it's wonderful.

_J_ said...

There needs to be a LaBoof cam. I need to be able to go to a website and see a live webcam of whatever Shia LaBoof is doing.

Roscoe said...

Wouldn't a LaBoofCam turn into absurdist parody?

an hour of watching you stare at a screen, doing the Kirk-Arms Out Scream at the Sky


_J_ said...

Mostly I want to be aware of him fucking up something from my childhood while still in the developmental stages so I can try and kill it.

LaBoof is sort of like cervical cancer. If you catch it early enough...

Wait, change that. LaBoof is exactly like cervical cancer in that if he isn't caught soon enough it will result in vaginal bleeding and a hysterectomy.

No, that doesn't work either.

LaBoof is like prostate cancer in that if you let him go on too long you'll lose your balls.

No, that's not right...


Shia LaBoof is like...Shia LaBoof. In that he enjoys ruining things....kind of like how cervical cancer ruins a vagina.

That's it!

Roscoe said...

Hey, now. Cervical Cancer's gotta pay the bills, just like everyone else.

Cervical Cancer is the Hellboy of Cancers. You need something like.. hmn.. is Melanoma a smarmy bastard of a Cancer?

_J_ said...

Lymphoma is the smarmy bastard of cancers.

The lymph nodes? Only a smarmy bastard would attack those.

Roscoe said...

.. that works.

_J_ said...

This article at Huffington post gets the award for I'm not exactly sure what. But when I saw it I was delighted, then I read it and was sad.

I think the problem is that the premise is more delightful than the punch line.

_J_ said... reporting that if the election were held today most Americans would not think anything unusual of having a Presidential Election in July.

_J_ said...

We might maybe need a political post tomorrow. This Obama trip is awesome. The stories coming out of it are just freaking terrific.

I like that McCain's whole strategy of "Darkie can't talk to fore'ners" is being shot to fuck and back.

Roscoe said...

innit fun?

_J_ said...

Here's a game.

This is a link to the warlock skill tree for WOTLK.

See if you can spot the error in the Affliction tree!

Roscoe said...

.. imp. Fell?

_J_ said...

".. imp. Fell?"

THAT'S IT!!!!!

Roscoe said...

So.. my proposal is off to various Hanover Profs. for advice.. and Mikey.. becuase he was online, unlike you all.


_J_ said...

My assumptions are that I don't want to bind myself to some presentation in the future when I don't know what Grad School will require of me. Couple that with the likelihood that I would punch someone from writing something stupid.

Roscoe said...

"Square Enix's DS horror game Nanashi no Game, about a student who gets caught up playing an 8-bit RPG that kills its players."

Brillant? Or Subliminal?

Roscoe said...

arguably wise assumptions.

On the other hand, if you're there, and I'm there, and Mikey's there?

We can likely get Adam to show up as Thor, and give a drunken presentation on how Marvel has screwed him over since he signed over his likeness.

In faux Aggro-Elizabethan.

_J_ said...

"an 8-bit RPG that kills its players."

So it's that movie...that had the same premise?

"On the other hand, if you're there, and I'm there, and Mikey's there?"

I'm not saying that I wouldn't go. I just don't want to bind myself to it.

Plus, on my future academic resume I don't want the first conference at which I presented a paper to include the phrase "comic book".

That's the sort of thing you list after your paper on Heidegger presented to the American Philosophical Association.

Roscoe said...

yeah.. but if you're not PRESENTING, how am I to peer pressure Adam into Atomic Age-ing it up?

Roscoe said...

yeah, it's the ring.. but.. I mean..

what I liked is that it's 8-bit for Life.

for whatever length that is... how much time can you get in 8 bits?

Roscoe said...

From the GenCon promo e-mail today:

When packing for the show, don’t forget to bring your DS and PSP along! The eGame Arena is the place to meet up for several different handheld events each day.

Bring your machine and your game and get ready to play! Meet up with some fellow players and then head off to a comfy spot to get your game on.


Nintendo DS Meet Up: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl @ 11 am

PSP Meet Up: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops @ noon

Nintendo DS Meet Up: Free Play! @ 2 pm

PSP Meet Up: Free Play! @ 3 pm


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl 6 on 6 Battle Tourney @ 11 am

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Team Battle Tourney @ 11 am

Nintendo DS Meet Up: Free Play! @ 2 pm

PSP Meet Up: Free Play! @ 3 pm


PSP Meet Up: Flat Out: Head On @ 11 am

Nintendo DS Meet Up: Animal Crossing @ 12 pm

Nintendo DS Meet Up: Free Play! @ 2 pm

PSP Meet Up: Free Play! @ 3 pm


Nintendo DS Meet Up: Elite Beat Agents @ 11 am

Nintendo DS Meet Up: Free Play! @ noon

PSP Meet Up: Free Play! @ 1 pm

This idea? Smart

Roscoe said...

on the other hand.. the followup from the same e-mail:

The Indy Film Co-Op is helping Gen Con, bringing several classic B movies to the convention! Stop by the Westin HQ on site to get the latest film schedule!

They will also be running their own, dedicated event on September 26th-28th. Franklin Indiana will host over 50 classic B movies (many in 35mm), 20 educational seminars and the World's Largest Beach Party, featuring the music of The Moon-Rays.

Films will include:


Even Smarter/Cooler. Anyone else interested in maybe hitting up that con in Franklin?

_J_ said...

The DS / PSP thing is sensible.

I would like to go to Gen Con again when I have money to spend on Gen Con.

_J_ said...

Also, I like shitty movies less than I did before Rifftrax existed.

Before Rifftrax? Shitty movies were the only opportunity to mock a movie.

But with Rifftrax? I can watch movies I want to watch AND make fun of them at the same time. It's amazing.

That's not to say that I don't like mocking shitty movies. It's just...with the advent of Rifftrax we could now watch good movies AND make fun of them.

Or at least contemporary movies.

_J_ said...

It's also possible that we're in danger of Holy Grailing bad movies.

You know how there is that guy who says that everything smells of elderberries? And expects people to laugh?

Are we getting close to there being that guy who never shuts up about This Island Earth?

_J_ said...

FF IV is perty.

_J_ said...

Franklin needs to get a spin off.

kylebrown said...

It is also in my humble opinion the second best in the chronological series behind IX, and the third best in the franchise behind tactics and IX.

Roscoe said...

Franklin DOES need a spin off, ff IV is in my possession as my secret reward for actually getting off my duff to write about comics, and


as much as I like to mock bad movies..

I kinda LIKE the movies in that list. as Actually Liking Them.

Roscoe said...

An Elf!

With a Gun!

_J_ said...

Next week is my last week. And my boss is only going to be here monday and tuesday.

I don't necessarily care that he won't be here. It's just odd that given the degree to which he didn't want me to leave he wouldn' here to tell me to do stuff for that last week.

"You are an important part of the team and we wish you were not leaving. But I won't be here that last week so, you know, whatever."

That doesn't make any sense.

Roscoe said...

On the other hand, You're leaving. Not him.

Which means, he has to treat everything else as business as usual. All the various things that will be demands upon his time?

Still there.

The world doens't revolve around you, Jay. Just me.

As proven by my Egocentric Geography. Everyone and everywhere is below me, so I drive down to wherever, and so on.

Roscoe said...

These are not double posts. Just reinforcement of the idea.

Consider it the monochrome variation on Lime'd for Truth.

_J_ said...

"All the various things that will be demands upon his time?"

That's the sort of mindset people who work at real businesses have of bosses. And I think it is adorable that you would think my boss has demands placed upon his time.

He's not leaving for business. He's leaving to do housework and, I think, take his kid to a ballgame.

_J_ said...

"We've got zucchini coming out our you-know-what."

That is a phrase I never want to hear again.

Roscoe said...

those are real demands on a dude's time.

God, if only Mom would take time off work to actually do her around the house stuff, instead of wait until the nebulous "after work"

_J_ said...

Things are never done "after work".

_J_ said...

I was incorrect about Christian Bale's contract.

He is contracted to 3 Batman movies.

kylebrown said...

that makes more sense, the trilogy is the common contract, outside of harry potter of course.

_J_ said...

I want Poison Ivy to be the next villian.

Roscoe said...

Gah, no.

Ivy would be hard to really make fit, I think.

I really like the GH4 tracks. which infuriates me.

_J_ said...

I like women and vines, though.

Catwoman might work. Except Catwoman is a step down from Joker.

That's the real problem. What villian could be better than Ledger's Joker?

Helena Bonham Carter as Harley Quinn?


Holy fuck I'm brilliant.

_J_ said...

I HATE Steampunk

Roscoe said...

Brilliant is either Paul Giamatti as Penguin ( I don't like going to Penguin, but Giamatti would be GREAT)..

or doing Dark Knight Returns. Only replacing Superman with Krypto.

kylebrown said...

from what i understand, phillip seymor hoffman may be the penguin in the next film

Roscoe said...

.... that could also work.

I really don't like going to the Penguin, though.

too much like following up the Burtons, and also.. don't quite see the character fitting the new Gotham.

He doesn't seem like he'd be able to hold his own mob in line, nor would he get much in the way of other mob bossses' respect.

I'd rather see Riddler as a real detective flick, or maybe Freeze.. Talia Al Ghul would be good, and themeatically follow both flicks up, by making Bruce question precisely who he is, coupled with the loss of Rachel love intrest..

Killer Croc and Black Mask could work...

Roscoe said...

actually.. thinking about it..

Black Mask could be a GOOD lead.

in a "Gotham Crime has started to warp, go crazy" sort of way. Have some basic thug types working for him, like Killer Croc, a variation on Bane, perhaps...

possibly bring back Eckhart as Dent?

_J_ said...

"possibly bring back Eckhart as Dent?"

I see no reason why Two Face would not be in the next movie.

Scarecrow was in Dark Knight. But moreover, Two Face still has something to do.

There have been a few articles up about "what villian is next". I'm not too thrilled about the prospect of a penguin. I'd like a female villian to address the love interest thing Roscoe mentioned.

Roscoe said...

The easy argument is Gordon and Wayne seem to act as if he's dead.. not transferred to Arkham or a hospital in secret.

Then again, not hard to fix. Two lines.

"Thank God we invented the Whatever. Now we can smoke in space."

_J_ said...

"The easy argument is Gordon and Wayne seem to act as if he's dead.. not transferred to Arkham or a hospital in secret."

He's not dead. He just fell down. I didn't think that last scene was meant to be a funitarl. It could be some sort of public memorial and they pretend that he's dead so that their "white knight can live on in the public's memory stupid stupid bullshit" while in reality he is sent to Arkham and then gets out.

It's fucking BATMAN. Of course he was sent to Arkham and then gets out. Or he fell into a pit of lava and didn't really die.

Roscoe said...

Which.. is why Talia works so well as a villian.

She ties back to the first movie as the new head of the Guild of Assassains, Ra's' Daughter.

She ties back into the second, as a Love Intrest, and also someone who can make Bruce question who he is on the Wayne front, just as Joker questioned who Bruce was on the Batfront.

Roscoe said...

But that means that Gordon and Batman conspired to have him sent to Arkham secretly. To imprison him Count of Monte Cristo style.

Which pretty much puts the lie to the entire ending speech of Gordon's, no?

He's meant to be dead.

Roscoe said...

I was going to say, it could work if the argument is that the pair of htem hide the knowledge taht Dent was never found after the hospital...

But that even falls apart, as Dent's condition was known publically, becuase he WAS at the Hospital. So his residence at Arkham would get out.

_J_ said...

"Which pretty much puts the lie to the entire ending speech of Gordon's, no?"

The entire ending of that movie sucks.

Why the FUCK couldn't they say "joker did it"? Why did Batman have to take responsibility?

If they can say "Joker did it" while Joker is in a holding cell they can say "Joker did it" while Joker is hanging upside down from a tower.

Also, if they do Talia I have $50 saying that she'll come across as Electra. With Electra shoulders and everything.

kylebrown said...

But she won't have a man face because she won't be played by Jennifer "I have a man face" Garner.

Roscoe said...

It really does. It's Jokergreat.. to.. Ham Fist Sandwich.

I liked the shot of Gordon taking out the Batsignal, though.

Man, Talia's a sexpot. With rifles and pistols. Not Jennifer Garner.

Then again.. with the swing back to Cops Hunt Batman, Riddler or Black Mask could work much, much better. Or even Talia, still.

Each of them could either manipulate higher up politicians, or purposely lead Batman through the police, using their hunt to trip him up.

_J_ said...

Man, the villian for Batman 3 needs to be The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight.

And Batman must call upon the aid of Gotham's Mayor who must reveal himself to be...Batmanuel.

Roscoe said...

one for Andrew:

_J_ said...

I think my favorite part of Dark Knight is when Joker is talking to the cop and Joker mouthes "Six?!"

It's so good.

I need to see another matinee.

Roscoe said...

you heard the rumor that Ledger kept a journal he started to get into the Joker's head?

Of things he thought the Joker woudl find funny?

The top entry is supposed to be AIDS.

_J_ said...

AIDS is hilarious.

Think about it.

_J_ said...

A FOX Poll has the race closer than pretty much any other poll.


_J_ said...

We've had our top hits switch around.

14.35%: 32 Gig iPhone
9.17%: Hellgate London Skill Tree
1.97%: Miley Cyrus Tentacle Porn
.63%: Polar Bears Wearing Armor Who Fight

I wonder how much of this has to do with Flagship Studios crashing into reality mountain.

_J_ said...

Of the top 10 keywords that lead people to the blog?

4: 32 gig iphone
4: Hellgate London Skill Tree
1: youaredumb
1: Miley Cyrus Porn

kylebrown said...

are those percentages?

_J_ said...


There are 4 keyword combinations that relate to 32 gig iphone and 4 keyword combinations for Hellgate London Skill Tree.

Roscoe said...

Tonight, I think, is the new Magic set's release.. which makes it a Draft or Sealed FNM?

2 bucks, plus product, I assume.. which.. if a draft.. would be.. I think 12, but taht's approximate and assumed..

Either way, if anyone's interested. I figure I'll be there.. though I won't get a chance to go home..

Afterwards, I need to drink and glare and bitch. J? You have plans tonight? either during/if playing, or after? Servus, you in town and free? Or have you found work/otherwise obliged?

Similarly, would either of you, any others be up for hitting the Taphouse/the Downtown/or Cerulean? Cerulan for some drinking and heavenly dessert might be the right fix here for me.

give me a heads up on what folks are up to tonight?

_J_ said...

ZA run at 8:30. Though, we are a DPS short so we'll see what happens with that.

Magic costs money. Food costs money. Grad school costs lots of money which just puts more emphasis on those first two.

Though I'll probably go see Dark Knight again either Saturday or Sunday, because it's Dark Knight.

_J_ said...

Someone has taken to bringing Oreos into the office every friday. There is one pack of Black cookie with white cream and one pack of white cookie with black cream. While I do not like oreos as a general rule (cookies oughtn't crunch) I've noticed something. Of the two options of Oreo I prefer white cookies with black cream to the black cookies with white cream.

Does that make me a racist?

Roscoe said...

nope. Just a wigga?

Indeed. thing about magic and food?

Magic as a draft? cost little.

food is arguably more understandable. Certainly neither impacts the cost of Grad School though, nor your ability to pay it. I mean.. I have to assume you're now independant for tax reasons, no?

I'll give you a yell later in the evening, see what you're up to.

Before you leave, you need to hit Cerulean's for desserts.

_J_ said...

"Certainly neither impacts the cost of Grad School though, nor your ability to pay it."

(Finite Supply of Money) - $15 = (Finite Supply of Money) - $15

If a had an infinite supply of money or a "money tree" then, yes, decreasing the amount of money I had would not impact my ability to pay for grad school given the ability to easily replenish that fund. But as I do not have an infinite supply of money and have very little desire to have to work towards replenishing that supply I'm happy to not spend money.

_J_ said...

The degree to which the "minute sums of money do not accumulate into a significant chunk" mindset is fucking wrong is what enfuriates me. People embrace this notion that $5 a day for whatever is not significant as a result of, seemingly, being unable to multiply.

One cannot look at the individual payments and surpmise that $5 + $5 + $5 + $5 + $5 + $5 + $5 is not significant due to it's being merely $5 a bunch of times. One needs to look at the whole picture.

Kind of like how WoW is not $15 a month but rather is $180 a year.

Yey addition.

_J_ said...

Plus I received my bill for grad school this month and they had not taken my tuition waiver out.

So instead of being $2,000 it was over $8,000.

Which is enough to scare the splurging out of someone.

Roscoe said...

Yes, but you're also over-simplifying the situation.

Fafsa Loans cover a vast ammount, and increase to cover Grad School.

Additionally, you have employment both ON campus, AND theroetically, telecommuting for Rake.

Couple BOTH of those with the timing that Grad School needs paid on, and you're operating in a system where 15 is an expense, yes, but it's NOT one that significantly impacts your situation.

Want to see me prove it? WoW.

Roscoe said...

Except you got that fixed.


And if you ARE considered indepenedent for tax issues?

I gurantee the cost you have to pay up front will drop next year.

It means more borrowing, but it will drop.

You're going into this with what.. 2 years of work's cash stockpiled?

I paid 2000+ to get into Hanover freshman year. (what I had in my bank account,stockpiled from working Orthobiologics, essentially) My aid package covered everything in subsequent years, becuase I no longer had income in my bank account.

Just sayin'. The situation isn't the one you make it out to be.

_J_ said...

"Fafsa Loans cover a vast ammount, and increase to cover Grad School."

I don't want to take out loans. I'm anti-loan. I'll probably have to eventually get a loan, but I would like to put that off for as long as possible.

I like not being in debt. So I'm trying to ride that for a while before I have to enter into the "I owe people money but I'm still buying shit" mentality which will undoubtedly drive me crazy due to my constantly being aware of that duality.

I really don't understand how someone can be in debt and at the same time spend money on something which is not required for their existence. That whole "existing in debt" concept scares the shit out of me.

Roscoe said...

Didn't see the tallying of finites and WoW example as I posted.

So.. yeah.. your'e right. Except that a meal doesn't follow that model.

It's a done in one expense. If you try and count it in your expenses, you need to count all your food. Which you actually will get aid stipend for.

So.. again...

Roscoe said...

Dude. Debt's managable. My old student loans? 50 a month, after something like 6 months' time to find work.

They aren't fun, they're a burden, sure. But as long as you work at it, and aren't an idiot, they're totally managable. (Yeah, the possiblity for calamity beyond your control exists. But even that can be salvaged)

Further, by being the guy who's terrified of debt, you're the one who's best situated to be fully aware of where your finances ARE.
As long as you can find employment.. not even nec. worthwhile, just employment, and can make your living arangements paid, you can deal with Student Loans.

_J_ said...

"Which you actually will get aid stipend for."

I'll get a little bit over $1,000 a month for my on campus job. Remove just rent and electric and food and gas and cable from that and i'll have to dip into savings each semester.

I'm probably being overly cautious mentally due to the $8,000 on the piece of paper that I saw. But at the moment I don't see that as a bad thing. I'd rather be financially cautious than the other way.

I'll probably have to get a new cell phone too.


_J_ said...

"they're totally managable."

The problem is that I'm the guy who pays off his full credit card bill every month. So I'm going to have to do the full mental flip of only paying the required amount while i'm in a position in which my income is drastically reduced.

Instead of sitting on a constantly inflating pillow of Means I'm going to be pulling out feathers as I put fewer feathers in. And I like that pillow to be perpetually filling rather than reaching equilibrium or, heaven forfend, steadily deflating.

Roscoe said...

That's fair. But you know as well as I do, you'll have expenses you haven't considered when you get to campus.

When I say Aid Stipend, I'm assuming you at least take your unsubstantiated Fafsa loan... if not, then.. well.. I don't think you realize just how many expenses will end up coming you way, unexpectedly.

Besides, in a very real sense, you're allready in debt. What, precisely, do you think WoW is? Especially to someone who gets personally invested in things as you, it's Pre-Paid Debt. As long as you feel an obligation to the thing you built up (Quid, the DPS throne) you're going to keep paying. It becomes an recurring expense you have to factor into things.

Aid debt is no different than living expenses. It's an upcoming expense that you have to plan for.

Roscoe said...

You need to learn to play something of a shell game.

or, rather, a resource utilization game.

You tie up these resourcesover here for this time, to keep this expense running, knowing that later, you will free up that resource-drain, and refill that resivoir of expendable resources. (summer employment)

.... Magic is actually really applicable here.

You pay upkeep here, you plan for Echo there....


I'm the same guy, with regards to my credit card.. or I was.. until I got to campus this semester and had expenses come up, without the ability to pay off with the cash I had incoming (no way to deposit).

so I managed it.. making my minimum payments until I got home.

Now? it's nearly fully paid off.

Becuase I knew what was coming up and how to manage.

Roscoe said...

Just sayin' it's not the worst thing in the world to be in debt.

.. I'll admit it's work to pay it off.. but not hard, necessarily, just steady.


kylebrown said...

You won't ever make it out of your parent's house if you can't accept that debt is a part of modern life.

Roscoe said...

And.... again.. if ANYONE would get a kinda gleeful kick out of learning to improve their credit rating by managing debt...

It'd be you. It's just like DPS, man.

Roscoe said...

Only, it lets you get better drops.

Like regular Prime Ribbery.

Roscoe said...

Now that I've done my daily "telling J he's wrong" asshattery, I come bearing gifts:

Amazon has sent me a reccomendation:
We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated Batman: Arkham Asylum (15th Anniversary Edition) by Grant Morrison have also purchased Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series), by Mark D. White. For this reason, you might like to know that Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) is now available. You can order yours for just $12.21 ($5.74 off the list price) by following the link below.

Product Description
Why doesn't Batman just kill the Joker and end everyone's misery?

Can we hold the Joker morally responsible for his actions?

Is Batman better than Superman?

If everyone followed Batman's example,

would Gotham be a better place?

What is the Tao of the Bat?

Batman is one of the most complex characters ever to appear in comic books, graphic novels, and on the big screen. What philosophical trials does this superhero confront in order to keep Gotham safe? Combing through seventy years of comic books, television shows, and movies, Batman and Philosophy explores how the Dark Knight grapples with ethical conundrums, moral responsibility, his identity crisis, the moral weight he carries to avenge his murdered parents, and much more. How does this caped crusader measure up against the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?

Go to town, J

_J_ said...

"You won't ever make it out of your parent's house if you can't accept that debt is a part of modern life."

I don't grant that premise. Mostly because I'll be moving out of my parents house in August while not being in debt, and ought to make it through at least two semesters of grad school with no debt.

I don't think that debt is a necessary or inevitable part of life.

"if ANYONE would get a kinda gleeful kick out of learning to improve their credit rating by managing debt"

I liked it until I learned that checking one's credit report actually harms one's credit. So then it became the hidden stats from pokémon. And I hate hidden stats.

_J_ said...

"How does this caped crusader measure up against the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?"


I was merely peeved until I read "Lao Tzu".

kylebrown said...

Debt may not be necessary, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing, either.

I went $25k into debt for my college education. Because of this, I will see at least a 10 fold return on this debt, probably closer to a 100 fold return. Man what an idiot I am for taking that on.

I will be going another $200k into debt in about 3 months, and I couldn't be happier, because 30 years down the road I will see a 2 fold return on my money, as I will actually be able to develop worth rather than throw my money away to an apartment lease (which is also a form of debt btw).

Roscoe said...

Checking your credit once, annually, doesn't.

You don't do it at FreeCreditReport, though.

I'll dig up the revelant info for you..

Roscoe said...

And.. yeah.. thought you'd like that stinger at the end.

Though, I'm impressed you made it past Tao of the Batman.

Roscoe said...

From Wiki's Credit History page:
A credit bureau may sell a person's contact information to an advertiser wanting to offer credit cards, loans and insurance based on certain criteria that the lender has established. A creditor also checks a person's credit periodically. Or, a credit counseling agency, with the client's permission, can obtain a client's credit report with no adverse action. Each of the preceding examples are commonly referred to as a "soft" credit pull.

However "hard" credit inquiries are made by lenders when consumers are seeking credit or a loan. Lenders, when granted a permissible purpose, as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, can check a credit history for the purposes of extending credit to a consumer. Hard inquiries from lenders directly affect the borrower's credit score. Keeping credit inquiries to a minimum can help a person's credit rating. A lender may perceive many inquiries over a short period of time on a person's report as a signal that the person is in financial difficulty and is looking for loans and will possibly consider that person a poor credit risk.

Roscoe said...

and from Wiki, on the topic of is a website owned by Experian Consumer Direct, a subsidiary of the credit bureau Experian. The site offers users a chance to check their personal credit reports from Experian on the condition that they sign up for a 7 day free trial of Experian's Triple Advantage credit monitoring program. The credit report also comes with the user's PLUS credit score. The credit report is free as long as you cancel before the 7 day trial expires by calling the customer service number, 1-866-252-0121. is different from, a United States government mandated site set up by Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. does not provide a FICO score; however, it also does not require users to enroll in a program. allegedly tried to associate itself with the U.S. government site.[1]

In other words, looks to be what you want.

_J_ said...

"Debt may not be necessary, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing, either."

It's neither good nor bad. It is a situation which has characteristics.

If given the option? I would prefer to avoid the situation.

But, yeah, it's a function of contemporary economic policy and a component of living in modern society. I can understand going into debt for some things. Going into debt for other things is something I don't want to do.

"throw my money away to an apartment "

That is a sentiment with which I do not agree. It's hella complicated. But "throwing money away on rent" is an entirely unfair characterization of how renting works.

_J_ said... You cants has!

_J_ said...

"I will be going another $200k into debt in about 3 months"

Will that be in the form of a mortgage?

kylebrown said...

yeah a mortgage.

_J_ said...

That's a thing to do.

_J_ said...

Reverse Mortgages hurt my head.

kylebrown said...

As far as I'm concerned, renting on any permanent basis is throwing money away. In situations involving temporary living situations, ie school, internship, etc. it is a necessary evil. When one plans on living in an area for an extended period of time (read 5 years or more) then it absolutely is throwing money away.

Given the option to spend money on something to use for a period of time, or the option to spend roughly the same amount of money to have that something after so many years while still using it over a period of time, the second option of having it is by far the better option. Now take into account that property values are almost always on the rise, and you will see that renting on a permanent basis is throwing money away.

kylebrown said...

Reverse mortgages exist for people that have already paid most of their house off and don't want to leave their possessions to anyone when they die. They allow the owner of the house to boasically sell their house to a bank for monthly payments while still maintaining the right to live in that house over that period.

kylebrown said...

Also, I like to think I know a thing or two about renting having been doing so for the last 7 years of my life at 5 different locations.

_J_ said...

"renting on a permanent basis is throwing money away"

Throwing money away yields no benefit. Renting yields the benefit of using the object rented.

Two people each make a "home payment" of $1,000 a month. One person's is towards rent the other's is towards a mortgage. What is the difference?

The only difference, financially, is found in the potentiality of what that mortgage signifies. Eventually one can sell the house and, hopefully, get some of that money back or actually turn a profit.

Which is fine, except thatforeclosure filings up 121%, indicating that the potentiality is not ensured.

That's also assuming that rent and mortgage payments are equal for the same home. It also assumes that one would sell the house or use it as collateral.

I can understand the ways in which home ownership can be argued to be an investment. I just don't grant the premise that this particular sort of investment behooves all people.

And this is just the financial considerations. Once we assess the other components of owning v renting the conversation gets even more interesting.

_J_ said...

"Also, I like to think I know a thing or two about renting having been doing so for the last 7 years of my life at 5 different locations."

Of course you know about it and have experienced it.

_J_ said...

There's also the finite nature of the mortgage in that after one pays $200,000 they do not have to pay any more, in a general sense. Whereas the renter would have to continue to pay.

kylebrown said...

The foreclosures are a result of idiots buying houses with unconventional loans, and the housing market dropping out from under them. These people weren't going to ever own their houses anyways.

It isn't so much about turning a profit either. It is about getting a return on your money. In ten years, the person who decided to buy a house will have equity, equity isn't potentiality but instead is liquid assets that can be used as a down payment on different better house or to retire with.

Also, when you calculate the cost to square footage of a mortgage compared to rent, you will notice that the mortgage will give you substantially more square footage per dollar spent, given similar quality/locations.

kylebrown said...

you will still have to pay taxes for the house after the mortgage is up. But they will be substantially lower than rent.

kylebrown said...

conventional mortgages have a locked rate for the life of the loan, whereas an apartment will have constantly rising rates due to renewal of leases on a regular basis.

_J_ said...

I really like concepts of ownership. Mortgages are just delightful to explore and articulate. Where does ownership exist in a mortgage? Where does debt exist? Check this out from the wikipedia page:
"While a mortgage in itself is not a debt, it is evidence of a debt."

That is amazing.

And just this whole duality of "We own it but the bank can take it if we don't pay the bank the money we owe them for it."

It's this very odd concept of ownership.

_J_ said...

Equity is an amazing concept.

kylebrown said...

The wikipedia article is correct. As the owner you have the rights to sell the house, not the bank.

_J_ said...

"As the owner you have the rights to sell the house, not the bank."

Right. The owner can sell it. The bank can take it from the owner if the owner does not pay the bank the agreed upon payments. But the bank does not "own" it; the bank can just...legally take it.

That's delightful.

_J_ said...

And THEN we get home equity loans.

So one is paying the bank per the mortgage and as one pays the bank more one's equity increases.

THEN one uses that equity as a basis for a loan.

So then one must pay both the mortgage AND the home equity loan.

So the owner of the house is making payments to two other parties who could each, if their requirements are not met, take the home.

It's so cute!

kylebrown said...

Yeah.. I don't like home equity loans unless they are used to make improvements upon the home, to further increase the equity. I'm going to stick to my position that anyone who forecloses on a house is plain stupid. There are so many safeguards against doing so, and when it becomes evident one can not make their payments it is relatively simple to sell the house before one has to foreclose it.

_J_ said...

I think "stupid" is a large part of home buying/selling problems. It's a pretty easy system to understand and utilize.

I need to dig around and find statistics for what percent of "homeowners" fully pay off their mortgage.

kylebrown said...

It will be a pretty low number because most people will move at least once or twice during their life times into a better house with the money made off the first one. Especially during market booms.

The better questions is what percentage of mortgages are defaulted, especially if you can get it categorized by Interest only, ARMs, FHAs, and Conventionals.

_J_ said...

"make improvements upon the home"

That's another part of it.

One of my philosophy professors like to poke people with his "ownership is a trap" stick. So he would chuckle to himself as his friends who owned homes had to replace sinks and fix plumbing and all that fun stuff.

His policy was that he paid his rent and used the money he would have spent on home repairs to take a trip to Europe during the summer.

I can appreciate that mentality. I think it is appealing to pursue a lifestyle that would not require mortgages or equity or home repairs or buying or selling.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in August when this all becomes practical as opposed to abstract.

_J_ said...

Karl Rove's Election Map:

272 Obama
183 McCain
83 Toss-Up

kylebrown said...

The problem with that mentality is that in every market I have lived in, renting is more expensive than buying. He could have bought a similarly sized home and still went on his trips to Europe. Fixes be damned if I were currently buying the home I'm currently living in, I would be saving $300/month. I'm fairly certain we don't have $300/month in repair costs.

kylebrown said...

there is, however, something to be said about the effort level required to take care of one's own place as opposed to paying someone else to do it, as is the result of living in an apartment, but condos and townhomes exist for low maintenance living.

_J_ said...

Poor Pea-Steve

_J_ said...

Kevin Spacey is fucking hilarious.

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