Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watchmen: First Trailer

Link to the first Watchmen trailer.

I can't wait to see the blue moon man makes his blue moon base on the moon. Because it's symbolism, you see: He's sad.


_J_ said...

Carla Gugino is pretty hot as Super Tit Girl.

Maybe she and Blue Moon Man will have Sex in his Blue Moon Base on the Moon.

Maybe that will make him less sad.

kylebrown said...

Fan or not, you have to admit the translation looks gorgeous. I was expecting something a bit grittier, but man does it look pretty as is.

_J_ said...

It's not what I expected the movie to look like.

From the brief glimpse we get of stinky it looks like they did his mask well, which would be an easy thing to fuck up.

Hooty looks somewhat ridiculous...but in the same way that Batman looks ridiculous. So that may be acceptable.

I thought Bluey would be Blueier.

Titty Mc Love Interest looks like she's doing a very inadequate bianca beauchamp impression.

I think I'll take a pass on the hoot-mobile. It looked meh in that little clip...but that may improve within the scope of the movie.

It's difficult to do CGI vehicles.

Roscoe said...

mobile? it's supposed to be the Hoot-craft!

_J_ said...

I'd say it's the Hoot-Wing...but it is wingless. It is not a wingaling thing.

God damn I hate Watchmen.