Friday, September 5, 2008

Paul Barnett: Reasons not to play Warhammer Online


Reasons why Warhammer is "really really good":
Point 1: Tolkien
Point 2: Tolkien
Point 3: Poorly Written Tolkien


"epic, heroic, perpetual struggle...or any combination of struggle that's epically heroic."

1) I love tautologies.
2) That line has to be on every piece of Warhammer merchandise ever.
3) Does this fuckwit have marketing Terets?


"And the most important thing about our MMO is that it's not a computer game. What we're making is a total hobby experience. We want you to buy this game, and never buy another one. We want you to spend all your time playing it. We want it to involve skill, commitment, and imagination. The more skill you put in the better the game is; the better you feel. The more commitment you put in (you gotta pay us some money, you gotta agree to play it) then the more the game will reward you. And, imagination. Now, over in America, they call it "immersion"; it's not immersion. Immersion is playing Half-Life and not realizing the house is burning down, and that your wife's left you, and that you haven't eaten for a week. Imagination is 'i've played the game and then I want to talk about it, go onto websites, draw pictures about it, have t-Shirts, I want to think about what i'm going to do when I play next week. I talk to my friends all about it.' If you get skill commitment, and imagination, you get a hobby experience, and a hobby experience should grab you to the core of your being and be the only thing you want to do. That's the game we're making."

So, how is that not a description of World of Warcraft, ass?

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