Friday, July 10, 2009

Imageshack Anti-Sec hack?

Imageshack seems to have just shit itself insofar as every imageshack image now displays this:


_J_ said...

Closest thing to a newspost about it

Roscoe said...

wait.. the Anti-Sec folk.. were themselves hacked?

becuase last night? this post was a repeating Audrey Tatou from Amelie gif.

Mike Lewis said...

slashdot story

also, writing out HTML on the iPhone is a pain in the ass.

_J_ said...

The image you saw last night was a mistake on my part. I thought the image I linked was the image which appears today. However, the image I linked was a different imageshack image which had been subject to the hack.

So, once the hack was fixed the image I posted went back to being Audrey Tatou.

MA17 said...

One time I discovered a coffee machine would give free black coffee, but only if you ordered your coffee black. I enjoyed a lot of free coffee before someone else discovered the exploit, and that dude told EVERYONE, and in a matter of days the machine was fixed.

So...if I threatened revenge on the guy who told, and then tried to convince everyone else that I was justified in doing so by claiming that he somehow profited from telling, would that make me some sort of metaphorical Anti-Sec?